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20 Parenting Hacks Too Brilliant Not to Know

1. Help your child remember which shoe belongs on which foot by putting half a sticker inside each shoe.

shoes stickerImage source: We Are THAT Family

2. And when it’s time to teach him to tie his shoes, practice with a jump rope.

Tying ShoesImage source: Montessori for Learning

3. Add hot glue or fabric paint to the bottom of your child’s socks or slippers to make them non-skid.

hot glue nonskidImage source: Babblesocks and fabric paintImage source: Twin Dragonfly Designs

4. Want to protect your hardwood floors from little ones hell bent on pushing chairs all over the place? Apply hot glue to the bottom of the chair leg and there’ll be no more sliding.

hot glue chair leg

5. A glue gun can also keep water from going inside bath toys and prevent mold from building up in there.

bath toysImage source: We Love Being Moms

6. Gain peace of mind with temporary tattoos.

safety tats nut allergy

beach tattoosImage source: SafetyTat

7. Or make your own tattoo using a liquid bandage.

DIY TattooImage source: The Paper Mama

8. When your baby is sick, use this trick to keep track of medicine doses.

antibioticsImage source: Landeelu

9. Turn an old wallet into on-the-go entertainment.

busy wallet 1 busy wallet 2Image source: Armelle Blog

I especially like to stock my busy wallets with these scrapbooking characters {affiliate link} that the girls hide in all the pockets of the wallet:

sesame street characters

10. Use cable ties to install a baby gate without drilling into your banister.

baby gate cable tiesImage source: Beauty in the Ordinary

11. When moms get inventive with pool noodles, cool things happen! Use a section to prevent a door from crushing little fingers.

pool noodle doorImage source: buzzfeed.com

12. Or try a pool noodle under a fitted sheet as an inexpensive bumper. No more rolling out of bed!

pool noodle bedImage source: Pinterest

13. A rubber band on the door means no more kids locked in the bathroom. No more waking baby with the door. And no more struggling to open it over and over with your hands full of groceries.

rubber band on doorImage source: House Beautiful

14. Gum stuck in your hair or on fabric? Use ice to harden it until it breaks apart. Definitely the least icky method!

gum hair iceImage source: wikiHow

15. Let little ones “paint” without all the mess.

paint ziplock toddlerImage source: Pinteresting Life of Noah

16. Prevent baby from getting “eaten alive” outside by placing a crib sheet on top of the pack n play.

crib sheet playpen outsideImage source: Little Baby Watson

17. Once your kids have outgrown their baby stuff, reinvent it!

crib to deskImage source: Distractify

porch daybed 006Image source: 2 Little Hooligans

diy-toddler-bedImage source: Pinterest

18. Simplify packing by organizing kids’ outfits into Ziplock baggies.

packing ziplockImage source: All Things Simple

19. Set up “Guided Access” on your iPhone or iPad so that your kids aren’t busy buying things on Amazon when they’re supposed to be playing in an app.

guided accessInstructions and image source: Hither and Thither

 20. Offer older kids an incentive to help out.

wifi password choresImage source: Family Share