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Originally published in April 2014

So maybe I’m a little grouchy this week. It’s been a long, tough week. One that got me thinking about the things that can just take the wind right out of a stay-at-home mom’s sails at the start of what should be a great day.

1. Tell her the repairman will arrive sometime between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm.

I know, technically, we “stay at home,” but really we don’t spend our whole day in the house. First of all, that can get old fast. Plus, rarely does a day go by when I don’t have somewhere to be—an errand, an appointment, plans with friends. So forcing us to wait around all day long, as if it’s no big deal to us, is not going to earn you a great review on Yelp.

2. Insist “The kids won’t mind if we…”

Have you ever been out with that friend or family member who doesn’t seem to understand that the children are more than cute accessories? They’re actual people with needs and desires, no matter how old they are?

That’s why it can really suck when we succumb to peer-pressure and take someone else’s advice that we bring the infant and toddler to a two-hour movie, or a fancy lunch at nap time, or on a major shopping spree on Black Friday. Because you know who pays the price with cranky, burned-out kids long after crazy Aunt Sue leaves town? Us. Sometimes for days.

3. Ring the doorbell during naptime

Don’t mess with naptime. Naptime = break time. So, to recap: DON’T MESS WITH NAPTIME.

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4. Cancel a playdate

We’ve all had to cancel on a friend for one reason or another, but especially with big kids, any significant change of plans can lead to major meltdowns. Even that snow day that was supposed to be super fun is a major annoyance to little Timmy who had his heart set on sharing his brand new something-or-other-flashy-and-loud with his buddies at school.

5. Assume that mom’s in charge of the schedule

My husband is famous for this one: saying I can pretty much structure my days the way I want because I stay at home. Although we do have some flexibility, when you actually chart out the amount of time each day dedicated to meeting each child’s needs—the ones we don’t get to “schedule,” like feeding them, washing them, putting them to sleep when they become crazy balls of emotion—you’re left with little more than enough time to use the bathroom without an audience.

6. Forecast a week of rain

We all know it: kids are like animals that frequently need to be released into the wild to burn off excess energy. Without an outlet, our homes become indoor racetracks rife with messes, injuries, and tears (our and theirs).

7. Sneeze on her kid

Coming off three weeks of stomach bug triage and now a cold the whole family has passed around, I beg of you, don’t get us sick. With three of our four family members home, we share germs in a way that no amount of Lysol and Chlorox wipes can stop. And if mom gets sick, her boss doesn’t provide sick days. It just sucks.

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8 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways to Ruin a Stay-at-home Mom’s Day

  1. Sounds like you had a bad day!! :( One suggestion as far as the service calls go, you can usually request a call 20-30 minutes prior. I always say I have a baby and a toddler so I request the earlier side of that window of time, and most often they comply! Also, if they call you 20-30 mins before, you can usually make it home from a quick outing! And I had a cute “Please knock quietly, baby sleeping” sign made on Etsy which I hang over my doorbell. :) Hope everyone’s on the mend soon!! We had it here too. I hosted a play date yesterday and two out of the three families I invited had to cancel due to illness. :( Just goes with the territory! I try not to tell Cass until the morning of of our plans and whom they are with. Otherwise she doesn’t love the last minute changes. :)

    1. It has been a tough week, Michelle! The cherry on top was that A broke a glass-topped table this morning. What a disaster!!!

      The only good thing is that, by comparison, I’m sure next week will seem like a breeze :)

      You’re right about many service techs offering 30-minute warnings now. I should definitely take advantage of that more often!

  2. Gotta add no.8. “Read an article after seeing a link on twitter while the toddler naps about easy ways to ruin a SAHM day – when all of a sudden – an annoying LOUD advert starts playing on the article you’re reading but you can’t find it to turn it off! Immediate prodding of volume controls take place causing the narrator to judder like an earthquake. All the while, the SAHM prays the noise of the offending ad’ doesn’t wake the baby.’ Otherwise, good reading!

    1. Hmmm…yes, that would be frustrating, Georgina! We definitely do host ads here to pay the bills, and some of them are kind of personalized to you (check our Disclosure page for more details, if you like), so I’m not sure exactly which ad would’ve had sound. Sorry about that!

  3. So I had to update my post –totally jinxed myself yesterday!! For the first time ever, someone totally disregarded my sign and rang the doorbell!! Right during nap time. :( And then I had a service call and he swears he knocked BECAUSE of the sign but I didn’t hear him so he left!! Ahhh have to just laugh. Today’s actually worse but I won’t go into it… :)

    1. Oh, gosh. I’m sorry, Michelle! Sounds like a bunch of us have been having a tough week. Wonder what that’s about?? Misery does kind of love company though, right? :)

  4. Awe I hate that you’ve had a bad week! I too have had many bad days lately.

    We too caught a terrible cold here in MA it doesn’t want to leave this house! Sadly I asked my sister to come listen to my 8mo old with her stethoscope to see if his lungs were clear as to avoid the sick rm at the drs. Office & it has spread to her home :(.

    I have to admit with two little ones & friends that have more than one kiddo it’s VERY hard when you don’t live across the street to plan play dates. I so often have had to cancel due to illness or unexpected dilemmas ( like car trouble)! I have found through my experience I do not tell my toddler about our plans till I check in on the day of, or when we are all packed up and in the car, because you just never know and it’s always a great surprise! I so often have been canceled on & it’s tough but my method has worked very well so far.

    Hope everyone gets better ASAP! Mama I hope you get som R&R, I feel your pain!!


    1. Oh no! Too bad you’ve all been under the weather, too :( I really think it hits us around the change of the seasons. I seem to get a cold at the start of fall and spring each year. We’ve got beautiful spring weather ahead though, so hopefully that’ll mean healthier kids and more outdoor time with friends.

      Rest up, Jacqueline! Try to take care of yourself.

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