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8 inspiring big girl rooms

It’s finally time: little sister is getting her big-girl furniture! Her little body basically reaches from one end of her crib to another, and the girls have recently decided that it functions best as a trampoline, so it’s time to move on and move up.

This weekend, we took advantage of Labor Day sales to purchase Baby J’s new furniture—the same set big sister has—and today, Baby J picked out her bedding. The furniture won’t be delivered for another week, but I’ve been revisiting our Big Kids’ Rooms Pinterest board for inspiration.

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These are my favorites!

Bright & Playful

How fun is this bedding?! Plus, I love the idea of hanging coordinating strands of tassels and pompons on the wall. (Of course, they’d need to be out of reach of little hands!)

AK-Sprinkles-Square-CropPhoto: Adairs

Kids Art

Baby J is just getting to the age where she’s producing pieces of “art” that actually resemble something. Framing a few might be cute!

Sawyer BersonPhoto: Oh Joy!

Defined Color Palette

Someday, I’m going to be this devoted to a color palette. I’ve already let Baby J pick out her bedding, which will largely dictate the color scheme. I’m keeping these photos close at hand as a reminder.

Color CoordinationPhoto: Little Lovely

Something Personal

I love these old-fashioned silhouettes. Plus, how cool is this book storage?

Living with PunksPhoto: Living with Punks


I think my girls would go bonkers over fancy curtains around their beds, “like princesses!” But there’s the practical part of me that thinks they’d swing from them and pull them to the ground. I’ve got to think this one through a bit more…

ceiling mounted bed curtainPhoto: Apartment Therapy

Reading Nook

One of Baby J’s favorite things is to sit down with a stack of 20-30 books and look through each and every page, telling herself the stories she’s now got memorized. I’d love to give her a space in her room meant just for reading.

12d925c25d35102f69ad7b79883166b3Photo: MyHomeIdeas.com

I’m digging this ombre canopy from The Land of Nod:


Something DIY

Come on, you know how I feel about DIY! This wall art caught my eye, especially as it extends the headboard up to the ceiling. I’ve also still got Baby J’s Better-than-paint-chip Mobile to hang in her room.

Paper heartsPhoto: Honeybee Vintage

mobile-1Photo: merelymothers


When Baby J was born, we had these beautiful newborn photos done. At the time, I had a big photo canvas printed that I want to find a place in her new big girl room, to remind us all of how tiny she once was.

Orange Blossom Frames - Twin Room - House of SmithsPhoto: The House of Smiths

Tiny Touch Photography 7Wasn’t she sweet?

Bonus! Printables

Okay, so technically, no rooms for inspiration here, but I couldn’t resist sharing 30 free printable for little girls’ rooms from Just Busy with Life:

15-more-printables-girl-room2 Printables-Girl-Room-480x1024

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