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A Reminder from Your Children

To my Parents,

I love you more than anything else. 

I look up to you. You set the example for almost everything I do.

You are the center of my world.

You are my safe place.

So please respect me. Please be gentle with me.

I don’t always listen, and I don’t always follow your rules. Sometimes my body can’t help it. I just have to move and I can’t sit still. Other times I just wonder “what if I?” and then I do it. And other times I’m angry or sad or frustrated. You get like that, too. I might yell and scream. Sometimes you do that, too.

Please don’t frighten me. And don’t ever, ever hit me.

I’m so much smaller than you. Please don’t use your strength and size to intimidate me. When I’m afraid, I’ll do whatever you ask of me. Don’t take advantage of this. Of me.

I know I can frustrate you. I know sometimes I make you angry when I don’t do what you want, when you want. I know sometimes you lose your patience. I do that, too.

But I’m just learning.

Remember how little I am.

See me. Give me your attention.

Remember how vulnerable I am.

Remember how much I love you.

And love me back, with patience, all the time, even though sometimes I make it really hard.


Your Little One

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2 thoughts on “A Reminder from Your Children

  1. Beautiful, Sarah. This applies equally well to a classroom full of students. If we can’t be in control, who can children count on?

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