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If a new mother were to ask me what one parenting philosophy or practice saved me the most, it would be babywearing. Nothing beats the convenience of having your hands free and your baby close.

Once you get into babywearing, you realize it’s a lifestyle choice that you consider constantly: at home, at the grocery store, while traveling, in the summer, in the winter, as it affects your big kids… That’s why we NEED a Babywearing Gift Guide!

Whether you’re new to babywearing or a seasoned veteran, these gifts are sure to make your holiday season bright!

Babywearing Gift Guide, merelymothers.com

Babywearing Gift Guide

1. Soft structured carrier (SSC) by Boba

The Boba is my absolute favorite way to wear my babies! It’s also extremely well reviewed on Amazon, if you don’t want to take my word for it :)

2. Drool pads by AveryleeBaby

Once babies get into that “I put everything into my mouth” phase, you’d be wise to invest in drool pads for the straps of any SSC.

3. SSC hood by Owl Sew Sweet

The Boba includes a hood, but other SSCs don’t. Hoods are great when the weather is chilly or the sun is bearing down and you’ve forgotten a hat. They’re also perfect when your baby falls asleep and you want to give him a little extra head support.

4. Doll by Storyland City

Both the babies you wear and the big kids who observe you babywearing will get a kick out of this doll!

5. Water ring sling by Beachfront Baby

Carrying a wet baby slathered up in slippery sunscreen at the beach or pool is a challenge. That’s why investing in a ring sling made of quick-drying jersey mesh is a great idea.

6. Art by NorthernSunArtPrints

As I mentioned, babywearing is a lifestyle—one that you might choose to celebrate with a beautiful piece of art.

7. Leg warmers by Lucille Paige

For the most part, babies being carried are all cozy…except for their little legs. That’s why we chose to layer with leg warmers in the cooler months.

8. Baby doll carrier by Boba

Monkey see, monkey do, and babywearing is no exception!

9. Reach straps by Mama and Mimi

While these dangly, embellished straps are entertaining for baby, they also serve a practical purpose for parents trying to lift a hood in a back carry.

10. Babywearing coat by Viva la Mama

Sure, you can babywear with a winter coat on, but if you’re using a SSC it means a lot of annoying strap adjustments each time you switch between wearing indoors without a coat and outside with a coat. A babywearing coat saves you that hassle all together.

11. Teething necklace by Best for Kids

When wearing a teething baby in a front carry, they get so much enjoyment out of having something to chew on. Thankfully, necklaces like this are both beautiful and functional.

What would you add to our Babywearing Gift Guide?

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