If your dog is anything like mine, she has two moods: lazy and crazy. Gracie is crazy first thing in the morning when I let her out, and when I’m in a rush, I admit I don’t give her long enough to get all her energy out. So I feel badly for her when I have to leave to get the kids off to school and she has to sit at home waiting for me until we all get back in the afternoon.

She’s always in the mood to play, but I don’t usually have the time or willpower to take her for a long walk around the neighborhood, which is her favorite treat. So I was looking for a way for us to bond (and get more of her energy out) in the house and found out a friend was getting BarkBox for her Yorkie, Max. BarkBox is a dog toy and treat subscription service that sends a fun themed box to your door once a month. It sounded like something Gracie and I would love, and something that would help me out when I didn’t have time to spoil her the way I know I should.

Gracie has had a long history with toys in the year since we adopted her, and she usually plays favorites, but her toys are constantly falling apart. Thankfully, BarkBox understands this cycle all too well, so BarkBox toys are all manufactured to be extra durable. Plus, they’re just too cute to pass up! The first box we ordered was called “Chewrassic Bark.” As soon as I carried the box inside, Gracie was already jumping and dancing around in excitement, sniffing and licking it like crazy! It was hilarious, honestly.

When I finally got the box open, Gracie and I went to town. She went straight for the super durable T-Rex bone, which my girls had fun using to play fetch with her. Gracie also took an immediate liking to Herbert the Herbivore, a sweet-looking dino who comes with a fun rope to tug. But the winner and her all-time favorite was Airborne Archie, the plush pterodactyl who she loves to crinkle up in her mouth and gnaw on to no end. (Poor Archie has taken a beating, but don’t worry, he’s still holding up after months of abuse!) Gracie was also a BIG fan of the soft meat treats and Jurassic Pork bites that came in the box, and I was happy to reward her patience at the end of a long day with some healthy, all-natural treats.

BarkBox is an affordable way for me, Gracie, and the kids to get these little bonding sessions in, especially when we can’t go for one of our adventures around the neighborhood. I thought Gracie would enjoy her BarkBox deliveries, but I didn’t realize how much fun it would be for the humans in our house too! The kids get the biggest kick out of the cute and silly box themes like Sniffin’ Safari, Bento & Blossoms, and Throwback Thursday. We’re even following BarkBox’s social media accounts so we can get a sneak peek at their new box themes every month. It’s just fun to see other dogs and humans having as much fun as Gracie and our family. I guess BarkBox brings out everyone’s crazy side, in the best possible way.

Update: The folks at BarkBox are extending a special offer to Evie+Sarah readers! Follow this link to BarkBox to get an extra box FREE (originally $25)!