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Did you see this?

As per protocol, balloons were released after Hillary Clinton’s speech was over and she’d accepted the nomination for President.

And Bill Clinton played with them.

He caught one, threw a few, kicked a couple, and generally looked like a five year old playing outside at recess.

Media outlets had a field day with this. Friday morning, there were dozens of frozen frames capturing Bill Clinton in this innocent play. Take a look:


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At first glance, I thought, isn’t that cute? He’s having so much fun! How awesome! And then I thought more. And my next thought, was What The Fuck? Did that look disrespectful to anyone else? If a woman did that, a “first lady,” if you will, it would be viewed as childish, disrespectful and unclassy. But when Bill does it, everyone celebrates his love for balloons and his childlike innocence. Women have to stand next to their spouses, clap, smile, and support their reactions. Men can play like little kids?

Now, I can have a good time like everyone. And I can totally appreciate a good joke. But this…I’m not so sure.

Did Bill break his own glass ceiling by really enjoying the balloon drop? Or did he just make a mockery of the glass ceiling that Hillary has worked so hard to break?

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