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Moms, you asked and I listened! When I launched the Bullet Journal for Moms Email Challenge and the corresponding series on Ryder Carroll’s website, I noticed dozens of moms begging for the same thing: a way to keep their family’s schedule straight.

Each week, we have appointments, music lessons, sports practices, meetings, errands… It’s enough to make your head spin!

So I’ve been busy developing a new spread that will:

  1. Give you a wholistic view of your family’s weekly schedule.
  2. Offer a detailed view of what each person has going on this week.
  3. And account for the fact that schedules change at the last minute.

Sounds good, right??

I’ve got two case studies to demonstrate the versatility of this spread.


Case Study 1: The Mom of 5


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Crazy Busy Moms #bulletjournalformoms


One reader wrote in to tell me about her overwhelming schedule that consists largely of keeping track of her five kids’ activities. This mom even sent me screenshots of her iPhone calendar, which looked totally bonkers! To me, it seemed some color-coding might really help.

adhesive flags - TargetSo I went over to Target and started investigating how I might use sticky, transparent flags in a weekly schedule spread. I ended up figuring out that Target brand up&up self-adhesive, repositionable flags fit 3 across in my Leuchtturm almost perfectly, meaning I could divide a page into three columns (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on one page; then, Thursday, Friday, Saturday/Sunday on the adjacent page) and use flags within each column. With five colors, one can be assigned to each child for an easy look at who’s doing what each day or week. You can get a package of 150 flags for only $3.29!

The other component of this spread is the “Dutch door” page in the center. When creating the spread, I left an extra page in between the two spread pages. This extra page gets folded in half lengthwise. I’ve seen this referred to as a “Dutch door” on Pinterest from Sublime Reflection. This extra page gives you a bunch more space for things that don’t fall within the weekly calendar you created, such as tasks not assigned to a particular date and time.

See how the Dutch door page can be unfolded and used for meal planning and a corresponding grocery list since it’s already nicely divided into two columns??

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Crazy Busy Moms #bulletjournalformoms


Bullet Journal Busy Mom Schedule Spread 1 with labelling (1)


Case Study 2: The Full-Plate Mom


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Crazy Busy Moms #bulletjournalformoms


Another mom wrote in describing a juggling act so overwhelming it had me breaking into a sweat!

I run a private practice speech pathology business where I see patients weekly and their times always change and at the last minute (1 hour treatment session), my son has school 4 days a week and I have to keep track of my snack day and any times he has to bring something for a themed day (zoo day, dinosaur day). I also work in his classroom, my two year old has weekly play dates in different locations, my hubby is a disabled vet so I have to keep track of his doctors appointments, of course the kids’ doctors and dentist appointments, tball twice a week (subject for reschedule due to weather), soccer on weekends , we also have many church functions we need to keep track of, and community events we participate in.


Here, I had the sense that the spread could be adapted a bit.

  1. With younger kids, this mom may not have a need to schedule events late into the night, like the mom of older kids above.
  2. That extra space at the bottom of each day can be used for notes about snack day or themed days at school.
  3. In this case, the sticky flags can be used for scheduling speech pathology appointments that she says “always change and at the last minute.” With patients’  names on flags, the flags can be moved easily and neatly.

Bullet Journal Busy Mom Schedule Spread 2 with labelling.png


Final Thoughts

Who is this spread good for?

  1. People (not just parents!) who want to have a full view of each day (7 am – 10 pm is pretty darn full!!).
  2. People who have elements of their schedule that change frequently.
  3. Parents who want to color-code for each child.
  4. People who want to color-code different tasks or projects (for instance, for educators: planning time vs. parent meetings vs. staff meetings).

Of course, if you’re not using a Leuchtturm1917 Medium Notebook, you may need to do a little research to find the right sticky tabs for your notebook.

So, how would you use this spread? If you give it a try, let me know by emailing a photo to me at hi@evieandsarah.com or by using the hashtag #bulletjournalformoms on Instagram. I’d love to feature some of your Weekly Spreads for Crazy Busy Moms in action here!

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  1. I hadn’t thought of using color-coded stickies! I was using different colored pens for each child…which works 80% of the time but when a schedule change occurs…that can get ugly.

    I would LOVE to see an example of your daughter’s journal. I want to get my 6 and 9 yr old started but I’m a bit intimidated.

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