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Pinterest addict that I’ve become, I’ve been admiring the gorgeous DIY “paint chip mobiles” that pop up, so I decided I would give this project a try. It seemed pretty straightforward and didn’t require too many pricey materials—just my kind of thing right now. But it was darn near impossible…

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Even before A was born, I was curious about “babywearing.” I thought it would be cool and convenient not to have to bring our stroller around with us everywhere we went. Plus, I imagined how sweet it would be to have my happy little munchkin all snuggled up on me….

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Have you ever noticed that babies arrive in batches? Right now, I have several friends that are either pregnant or have recently welcomed beautiful babies into their lives, and it reminded me of this post that’s one of my all-time favorites. (more…)

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Lately, I’ve been having these dreams…romantic dreams. Not sexual, just romantic, but painfully romantic. You know, the way romance felt when you were a super-hormonal teenager, and just a fleeting glance from your crush could send you into a tizzy? Those kinds of dreams. I’m sure it’s my subconscious’s way…

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{UPDATED APRIL 2015 WITH THE PARTICULAR TYPE OF FOAMBOARD YOU’LL WANT TO USE. SEE “MATERIALS”}   One of my favorite Pinterest/Etsy trends right now is the birthday chalkboard. For A’s third birthday last year, I decided I’d try my hand at making one. The result was really adorable, and A…