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“Get your shoes on,” I said. My four-year-old was laying on the couch, her head dangling off the edge. “Where are we going?” she asked. “We need to get outfits for our family pictures! Want to go to the store and pick something out something?” “Not really,” she answered, her voice…

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Pinterest addict that I’ve become, I’ve been admiring the gorgeous DIY “paint chip mobiles” that pop up, so I decided I would give this project a try. It seemed pretty straightforward and didn’t require too many pricey materials—just my kind of thing right now. But it was darn near impossible…

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Even before A was born, I was curious about “babywearing.” I thought it would be cool and convenient not to have to bring our stroller around with us everywhere we went. Plus, I imagined how sweet it would be to have my happy little munchkin all snuggled up on me….

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Have you ever noticed that babies arrive in batches? Right now, I have several friends that are either pregnant or have recently welcomed beautiful babies into their lives, and it reminded me of this post that’s one of my all-time favorites. (more…)

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Lately, I’ve been having these dreams…romantic dreams. Not sexual, just romantic, but painfully romantic. You know, the way romance felt when you were a super-hormonal teenager, and just a fleeting glance from your crush could send you into a tizzy? Those kinds of dreams. I’m sure it’s my subconscious’s way…