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Let’s play a little game. Which of the four choices below describes your initial reaction to the following words?


Option A

A. Hell, yes. I can go in public looking however I want. Screw all of you who think I have to wear a nice outfit, do my hair or wear make-up to go the grocery store. Don’t like that I’m not put together? Don’t look at me. I should gain respect for my brain, not my looks anyway. Are we all that shallow that we can’t look past what someone is wearing before judging them?

Option B

B. This is bullshit. PEOPLE (not just women) should respect themselves or others enough to put on clothes and brush their hair before seeing other people. This is not rocket science. This is just getting dressed. We’ve been doing it since we’ve been toddlers.

Option C

 C. Why do we focus so much on women’s looks? Why is this even a conversation?

Option D

D. This is crap but not for feminist reasons. Men should be dressed nicely too when they go out in public. When I go out in public I expect both men and women to be wearing clothes, with brushed hair and groomed. “Pretty” is the wrong word here. Pretty is completely subjective. But groomed as an expectation? Absolutely. People get further in life when they look nice. That’s just a fact.

Which one did you choose? What does this say about you?

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