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We all know now that I’m a huge fan of LuLaRoe. Remember my article on my declaration of love for the self-confidence women’s movement this line is inspiring? Well, now that I’ve been purchasing the clothes for about six months, I’ve heard a lot of comments surrounding the line. I’ve heard some people say that the line is too conservative, and matronly even! And while the clothes are meant to be modest, there’s no reason they can’t be stylish. I’ve actually had a lot of experience in my life making modest clothes look cute and fashionable, so I’ve had fun playing around with these pieces. And honestly, at this stage in my life, when I’m with my children most of the time, I like to be able to look cute, move easily, and be comfortable. Read on for my most recent favorite looks!

Azure Skirt 

One of the cutest little skirts they have is called the Azure. It’s a swirly skirt that, when sitting on your hips, will probably hit below the knee. But because I’m 5’4 and want a little more support in the tummy area, I like to hike it up a little higher. This gives me more abdominal support, and makes the skirt a little more flirty. Add a fitted v-neck shirt, a statement necklace, and some wedge heels, and I’ve got a super cute spring look!



Julia Dress 

LuLaRoe has three different dresses, but my favorite is the Julia Dress. This dress is fitted all the way through, and can be scrunched up to make it a little more forgiving and shorter, or pulled down to make it longer and tighter. Personally, I like to cover a bit of my abdomen, so I opted to pull it up a bit and add an Old Navy denim vest and a chunky necklace. And again, wedge heels. A little height never hurt!




Who can forget the leggings? Everyone loves the softness of LuLaRoe leggings. I can’t resist sliding into a pair of these when I know the weather is cold and rainy. Here, I added a tank top and a tunic from Target! I like to pattern mix, so I had a little fun with stripes and florals. I have a baby at home, so this outfit is perfect for nursing, and for being on the floor playing.



Classic Tee (As a Dress!) 

This one is so fun! The Classic Tee is a super flattering t-shirt that comes long to begin with, as it’s meant to wear with leggings. I bought it 3-4 sizes bigger. This size here is a 2XL. Then, I tied it off with a skinny belt, added a chunky summer necklace and small heeled flip flops and got a fun summer look!



Styling Tips for the Irma Tunic 

I asked my friends to send me their favorite LuLaRoe outfits. This first photo is of a beautiful friend who is an elementary school teacher. She says she loves to wear the leggings with the Irma tunic as a fresh, spring, go-to outfit for school. She is very petite, and the Irma tunic runs quite big. So she uses a ponytail holder in the lower back, but keeps it tight so the Irma is quite fitted. She also added a long necklace and open-toed flats to make the look professional and school ready!



Maxi Skirt Secrets and Lindsey Kimono 

My next gorgeous model is a friend who is also a LuLaRoe consultant. This outfit is actually a skirt that she turned into a strapless dress! The maxi is quite long and will usually hit around your ankles. But if you pull it up over your chest (which sometimes I do for extra support anyway…shhh, don’t tell!), you have a super cute dress. If you still want some coverage, you can add the Lindsey kimono, which my friend did here, as well as a thin belt to accent her waist. Love it!


What are you favorite ways to style your LuLaRoe pieces? Share with us! 

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PS: I am not a LulaRoe consultant, and this post is in no way sponsored! :) I just really believe in this brand.

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