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One of the best things about Pinterest is how much inspiration it offers, especially when it comes to home design. No matter your personal style, someone’s already got a board chock full of swoon-worthy pins just waiting to be discovered.
The tough part for me is working up the energy to implement any of the ideas I find on Pinterest if they involve more than clicking the Purchase button.
The perfect example is our living room curtains. I’ve known since we moved into this house almost two years ago that our living room desperately needs curtains. The ceilings are high, the windows are tall, and your eyes need curtains to draw them upward.

Sooo…I spent weeks gathering inspiration on Pinterest. I mean, look at these beauties. How dramatic!!

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Then, I spent months looking for ready-made curtains only to discover it was going to cost at least $600 to get some tall enough for the space.

Onto Plan B: Make curtains. No big deal, except I discovered that I was basically going to spend as much on fabric as I would on curtains I would’ve purchased.

Okay, Plan C: Make long curtains out of shorter, less expensive curtains (because curtains are actually an incredibly inexpensive way to buy huge pieces of fabric!). I know this is a big no-no for designers, since the seam in the middle of the curtains is very unappealing, but I thought I could probably pull it off, especially if I didn’t use a sheer fabric, maybe even something patterned.

After searching high and low, I eventually found a print that I thought would bring some life and color to our living room without being too crazy. I also thought it would complement the jewel-toned blue accent wall. Now came the hard part.

For the last 6 months, I’ve had half-constructed curtains hanging around next to my sewing machine. I go through periods where I get kind of obsessed with a particular creative outlet, so I’ll use my sewing machine every day for 8 weeks, and then I’m just over it. Whatever project I might have been in the middle of gets forgotten, half finished. It’s not that I don’t have good intentions. I just get distracted, by life. You know.

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Well, this month I’m committing to getting these curtains done. I don’t have any other big design projects going, so I’m out of excuses. Plus, exploring our Home board on Pinterest has given me that little bit of inspiration I needed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my sewing machine.

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PS – Fess up! How many half-finished projects do you have going right now?