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One Simple Trick to Drink 4x More Water

Basically, since I became a mother, I’ve been in a constant state of dehydration. It started when I was breastfeeding all the damn time and just couldn’t account for all the fluids I was losing to milk production. Since then, I guess I’ve just gotten lazy about taking care of myself. Annual physicals go unscheduled, I haven’t exercised properly since 2010, and heck, I’m currently wearing nail polish that’s just about completely chipped itself off.

But if you listen to our podcast, you may have heard me mention a weird physical trait I discovered a few years back: I was born with a single kidney. Weird, but kind of good to know. If you have one organ doing the job of two, you really don’t want to screw around with it, and part of caring for my one lone kidney is staying hydrated.

Besides the threat of kidney stones, there are lots of other compelling reasons to keep properly hydrated:

  • It helps with digestion, circulation, and absorption of nutrients.
  • It keeps your skin looking smooth. Dehydration makes your wrinkles look deeper and more pronounced.
  • It helps you stay full and maintain a healthy weight.
  • It keeps your muscles performing at full capacity.
  • It helps fight the fatigue that comes from dehydration.
  • And researchers at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands found that drinking 7 glasses of water a day can reduce the severity of headaches and migraines.

So I’m trying to do better. I leave a trail of water glasses all over the house, but sadly I’m as inclined to reach for them as I am to reach for dirty laundry because, frankly, drinking water is kind of boring. I’d much prefer an espresso or a fresh fruit smoothie or pretty much anything other than plain old water.

One Trick to Drink More Water - Water InfusingThat’s why I’m switching things up. I treated myself to a new water infuser bottle, and I’ve been exploring water infusion recipes that promise to do everything from boost your immune system to slow the aging process. Although I have my doubts about the validity of some of these claims, the fact of the matter is I’m actually drinking my water—a lot of it. I did the math, and I’ve pretty much quadrupled my water intake!

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So how much do you need to drink? Doctors recommend 9 cups of water per day for women. 9 cups! That’s like the equivalent of a 2-liter bottle of soda, only filled with water. If that sounds as impossible to you as it does to me, give infusing a try with one of these intriguing recipes:


Water Infusion Recipes

1. Apples + grapes + cinnamon

2. Grapefruit + rosemary

grapefruit-rosemarySource: Back to Her Roots

3. Cucumber + mint

4. Watermelon + basil (basil + anything, I’d say)


Source: Natasha’s Kitchen

5. Pineapple + coconut

6. Cucumber + lemon + ginger 

7. Strawberry + kiwi


Source: Eating Richly

8. Pear + pomegranate + clove

9. Lemon + thyme + rosemary

10. Lime + mint = “mojito water” (uh, why didn’t I think of that??)


Source: Sugar & Soul

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  1. I’m not a big water drinker myself but I’m trying to do better. Thanks for posting these links and sharing about the infusion bottle you got. I tried making cucumber infused water once and could not stand the taste, but some of these others sound good. I’ll be giving them a try. :)

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