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My home is my sanctuary. Is that cheesy? Yeah, but I don’t care because it’s true.

I spend so much of my day at home with young kids that I need it to be a place that makes me feel happy, productive, and inspired. So I give a lot of thought to how the space looks.

I also just love interior design.

I could spend hours perusing Pinterest for inspiration. The only problem is I’m a little lazy. I’m great with the big stuff: picking out a new couch, selecting an accent wall color. I’m decisive and confident—no wavering here. It’s just that when it comes to the details…well, I sort of give up. Rooms in my house will stay half-finished for years, like my youngest’s bedroom.

We bought her big-girl furniture a couple of years ago, I hung a picture, made a canopy, then… Oh, I don’t know. I just couldn’t wrap it up and put a bow on it. It was “good enough.” Except it wasn’t. It always bugged me—an incomplete project.


Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

The “before” photos I shot on my phone

So I called in reinforcements. I got in touch with Caryn at Nicole Jocelyn Staging & Design, a Boston-based interior design company, about their eDesign service.

What’s eDesign you ask? It’s an affordable way to work with an experienced interior designer online. Instead of having Caryn come to my home, I completed a Design Questionnaire, took some measurements, sent her pictures plus my budget, and she did the rest: a complete, coordinated virtual design package. Easy, right? And perfect for someone like me who’s short on time and money.

We believe everyone should have that magazine-ready home they dream of, regardless of their budget. EDESIGN is the perfect solution.

Working virtually allows us to offer you affordable, packaged pricing, while still working within your exact needs and specifications. In just a few short weeks we send you a completed design package that’s yours to keep.

Detailed instructions make it easy for you to implement your new design. Plus, you have the freedom to purchase items and put the room together around your own schedule.

When Caryn sent her eDesign back, it was like getting one of those TV makeovers where they spin you around in your salon chair for the big reveal. She sent me a full presentation that included:

  • A mood board
  • Floor plans
  • Overlays showing how each new item would look in the room
  • Detailed instructions for hanging the curtains and wall decor
  • Plus, a complete shopping list with links to purchase each item

Couldn’t have been easier!! Check out how adorable this is:


Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign


See how she worked with our existing furniture, bedding, and decor and built around them? Coordinating accessories, new textures, a gallery wall, and lots of fun details. My personal favorite: the pompom curtains!!

Within a couple of weeks, we had all our accessories and the room came together beautifully! Now that it’s complete, we love it.


Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

Nicole Jocelyn eDesign

How sweet is that?

This kids room had a great foundation: the furniture and color palette were already in place, the room just needed those little details that would add polish and dimension.

For any space that already has a lot of color going on, I’ll automatically look for ways to add in texture and lighter neutrals for balance. Adding in a couple of big, white euro pillows on the bed helped to break up the bold pattern on the comforter. I cozied up the rest of the blank spaces in the room with even more textured items like the faux fur rug, cotton pom-pom curtains, striped basket, and a woven pouf ottoman.

I wanted to finish off the room with something fun and interactive. Using her existing polka dot wall as inspiration, I designed a gallery display complete with a whale bookshelf as the centerpiece. This will be the perfect place to store her favorite toys!

Now, don’t be fooled. Nicole Jocelyn’s eDesign service is hardly limited to helping you fill out a room; they’ll help you start from scratch with one of three different packages suited to any budget.

If you’ve got a spot in your house that you just can’t get right, or you’re redesigning or moving into a new space, check out Nicole Jocelyn’s eDesign services with 30% off for Evie+Sarah readers (use code Evie+Sarah at checkout, now through February 28, 2017).

Thank you to Caryn at Nicole Jocelyn for helping me finally finish this bedroom! You can find Nicole Jocelyn on their website, InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.

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  1. How adorable! I’m crazy about the way this room came together. The list of items for purchase looks incredibly convenient and on budget! I bet your little one loves her finished space.

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