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“I will always watch fireworks with you,” my husband and I promised each other, eight years ago, on our wedding day, under the sunny June sky.

It’s amazing how things can change.

Two nights ago, and three nights ago, and four nights ago, I hugged my dog as she shivered and panted through two hours of neighborhood fireworks. We consoled our children as they woke up crying and wanted to know what the scary noises were.


Because my neighbors thought it would be really fun to set off fireworks in their backyard for a few nights in a row. And on the fourth, when the town was putting on its actual fireworks show, which we wanted to watch from my porch, we couldn’t because the people setting off loud fireworks around us were interrupting it with their smoke and loud explosions.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good fireworks show. At the appropriate time and place. Not in random backyards for the entire week leading up to July 4th. Do I sound whiny? Do I sound like I’m complaining? Maybe. But I’m not a holiday scrooge. I really like them actually. But I just get so pissed with all these backyard fireworks show. I literally want to walk over to every house setting these off and ask them why the hell they think this is appropriate. It’s so rude to make so much noise, (and not just noise, but scary noise) for nights on end.

And here’s something else. Do you live near a combat veteran? Do you know if you do or not? Because people really need to think about that too. How terrifying.


If you’re going to set off fireworks on a night other than the fourth, ask permission first. Let your neighbors know so they can plan. A little etiquette would be nice. Or here’s an idea, don’t do it at all. Just go to enjoy a fireworks show..and those who want to enjoy can enjoy. And those who don’t want to, don’t have to. A little consideration goes a long way. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean we all want to listen to fireworks for the entire week leading up the fourth of July.

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