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They’re here! Starting today, we’ll have a new podcast for you every week! And if you feel like binge listening, (is that a term, because it SO should be) we have three ready to go right now!!

Where can I find it? 

Click here! Or go to iTunes. Search for Best Friend Banter in Podcasts. It’s free to download!

Or go to our podcast page on our site at evieandsarah.com/listen


What’s it about? 

Listen in on our intimate chats as we cover everything from periods to politics. For example…

Which one of us wants a boob job? (episode two) 

What’s Sarah’s most embarrassing mom moment? (You will never believe this actually happened…find out more on episode one)

What do we think about how sexism is affecting Hilary Clinton’s campaign? (episode three)

And our favorite feminist focused discussion thus far, What does it mean when we call women “girls?” (episode three)

And that’s only a sneak peek of what we cover in the first three!

Welcome to Evie+Sarah, Best Friend Banter!!

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