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At the very end of my pre–Evie+Sarah launch to-do list was one slightly off-topic bullet:

  • Weed through Facebook “friends”

I’m not someone who’s ever played the game of seeing if they could collect the most token acquaintances on Facebook. But over years, I had accumulated more than a few questionable connections. Friends of friends I’d met once years ago during weddings; stuff like that. You know how it is.

But before this launch, I felt like it was time to weed out—trim the fat and get Facebook back to the list of people I actually know and care about. So I went at my “Friend” list with a machete and cut…

Anyone who I didn’t believe truly gave a rat’s ass about me

Anyone I friended in hopes of building a relationship only to find that wasn’t going to pan out

Anyone who friended me for their own personal, political, or financial gain

Anyone I haven’t seen since high school and who I didn’t even like back then

Anyone who doesn’t know how many children I have

Anyone who has never liked or commented on a single damn thing I’ve posted on Facebook

When all was said and done, I was down to a meager 116 friends.

Not “Friends”. Friends.

If I don’t want you in my real life, I don’t want you in my Facebook life either.

So when I shared the news about launching Evie+Sarah on my personal Facebook page, I knew it would be seen by people who cared, and not just for the gossip factor.

Have you ever gutted your Facebook friend list? What prompted you to do it?

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2 thoughts on “No One Needs More than (About) 100 Facebook Friends

  1. I haven’t done this (yet), but I’ve thought about it. I’ve definitely “unfollowed” some people who post things that are offensive or who are super dramatic. One plus side of having a widely disbursed “friend” group on Facebook (geographically, politically, racially) is that I at least sometimes see viewpoints that are different from my own. As I’ve gotten older, my “real” friend group has gotten more homogeneous (mostly white, liberal, professionals) so it is kind of a lazy person’s way of being exposed to a more diverse group of people.

    1. You definitely have more patience than me, Jane! I love to have Facebook friends scattered all over the country (and the globe), but I have very little patience for way out-there perspectives and behavior at this point. I think “unfollowing” people would be the polite thing to do, but as I said, I’m getting short on patience for Facebook nonsense :)

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