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On the weekends, I struggle with whether I want to catch up on things around the house, grill in the backyard, and go for a bike ride in our neighborhood, or pack up the car and head out for a family adventure. With the long weekend for Memorial Day, we were able to do both! (Why aren’t there more 3-day weekends??)

On Sunday, we got going early and packed the kids into the car for the short(ish) drive to Galveston. In about an hour, we were at Moody Gardens, a Gulf Coast resort, golf course, water park, pyramid extravaganza. We had plans to visit the aquarium housed in one of the two massive pyramids on the property; it only took us a full two hours before we entered the place :) I’ve been trying to learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, especially with little kids who find sipping from every water fountain as entertaining as the main attraction itself. We had lunch (and chocolate cake), we saw a 3D movie, we pressed pennies into souvenirs, we explored the butterfly garden (and got eaten alive by mosquitos), and even had a scraped-knee incident that required three bandaids!

Once we finally arrived at the aquarium, I was glad to discover it was pretty small—really just a few big tanks to explore, one with seals and sea lions, one with penguins, and one with a tunnel to walk through. The girls loved seeing the penguins since it reminded them of one of their favorite Curious George stories, and I loved the seals and sea lions, one of whom swam around his tank in spirals for the entire 20 minutes we watched. So playful!

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The penguins loved the girls!

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When you hand your five-year-old the camera, you “get what you get, and you don’t get upset!”

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!

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