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I love text messaging. I really do. From asking a quick question to saying that you’re running late, texting can be a huge timesaver. A few clicks on my phone and I’ve got the answer. With a toddler, sometimes all I have is one minute. A quick question/answer exchange can be much more efficient through text message.

However, (and this is a big however,) when I get a text message with one of the following messages, I’m hurt, annoyed, or just angry. So…read on and tell me, do I have ridiculous expectations to hope people would actually use the phone in these circumstances? Or has texting taken over as the primary form of distance communication?

My Version of Texting Etiquette:

1. Do not text me with big news of your life. If you got engaged, are pregnant, had a baby, or had any other major life changing event, do not tell me over text. It’s a big event. I’m going to call you anyway, once I receive the text. So what are you doing, trying to be coy? Sending me a text to see if I’ll call? Sending a massive text to just tell everyone at once? Isn’t it more fun to slow down, talk to one person at a time, and relish in the happiness? Maybe it’s a level of friends thing. Maybe I’m not important enough in your life to deserve a phone call, but better than just a Facebook announcement. So you text, hoping to hit the “middle of the road” friend list. Yeah…I’m not feeling it. Sorry. I want to share in your joy, I want to get excited for you, and I want you to hear and feel my happiness! Please give me that opportunity. Call me, don’t text.

2. Do not text me when you want to have a full blown conversation. Some people literally want to be on text for 10-15 minutes, writing paragraphs in each text, trying to have a detailed conversations in 160 character messages. I asked someone once why they did this, and the response was, “I can do other things while I text.” Umm…ever heard of a portable phone? What you mean is, I want to talk to other people while I “talk” to you. Just pick up the phone. I don’t have time for marathon texting sessions.

3. Do not text me to congratulate me because I had a major event in my life. If you happen to hear, through the grapevine about a big event in my life, and you feel the need to share in the joy, please pick up the phone. Sharing joy is about sharing emotions. Sending me a text is like having a robot talk to me. And while we’re at it, if you want to talk to me on my birthday, please call. If you really don’t have time, leave a voicemail. Texting makes me feel like you’re checking an item off your list. “Wish her happy birthday…done.” Emotionless. Meaningless. Pick up the phone. Please. I would if it were you.

3 thoughts on “Three Reasons Not to Text Me

  1. I might write long texts sometimes…but it’s usually when the house is either too loud to talk (it happens when they’re both playing!) or Little Guy is napping and I don’t want to wake him up. I mostly think that texting is annoying, though. My pet peeve is texting at mealtimes! All phones are banned from our table at all times.

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