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I’ve been waiting for this day: the day when fashion editors would once again acknowledge the flared jean. They made their return to the runway a year ago, and now we’re finally starting to see them on the streets again.

Years ago, wide-leg or flared trousers were my go-to look for the office. I was so reluctant to see them go that I was late to jump on the skinny jean bandwagon. Well, guess what? Flared legs are back, and I’ll be first in line for a new pair!

Here are a few pairs that have caught my eye:



Of course, each time a trend returns, there are slightly different rules. Where a few years ago, our flared jeans were low-cut, this time around they’re high-waisted, a true return to the 1970s:

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Source: Solo Vintage

I love the look, especially when paired with a pair of heels to elongate your legs.

What I can’t get on board with is the cropped flare:

cropped-flare-jeans-alexa-chung-h724Source: Glamour

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m 5’11” and I’ve always battled too-short pants, but seeing a flared hem above the ankle just gives me the heebie-jeebies. I don’t care who’s touting this spring trend; it’s not for me.

Are you planning to try the new flared trend? Do you dare to go above the ankle? Will you keep the fit flared or more bell-bottom à la 1973?

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4 thoughts on “Flared Jeans in 2016: Fashion Inspiration

  1. I am so excited! I only do the skinny jeans when I wear them tucked inside a boot… I feel like a flare look elongates the legs more and is more flattering :)

    1. Aren’t you pumped for flares again?! Skinny jeans have definitely grown on me over the years, but I distinctly remember thinking they made women look very wide in the middle when they first became a thing. The flare at the bottom of your leg kind of balances out your hips, I think. More flattering!

  2. I was late to jump on the skinny jean bandwagon and now practically live in them. But I’m glad flares are back – definitely flattering, especially with a pointy-toe shoe. I like the higher waist on these for a number of reasons (hide tummy a bit, no crack when bending down to pick up a my kids). Cropped flares are horrible, makes legs look so much shorter!

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