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Friday Finds-Evie and Sarah

We’re kicking the weekend off with a look at some of what caught our eye this week. See ya Monday!

1. Navigating the long, long summer before us parents

2. GIFs that sum up the careers of our favorite actors

3. How Trump is mucking things up for the GOP

4. Sarah is a huge fan of absurdly early bedtimes

5. Things you might not want to know from your friendly flight attendant.

6. Sayings that every woman will get.

7. How to look sexy at a wedding…while breastfeeding

8. Questions we have about Marnie’s capsule episode (my favorite episode) on GIRLS (Sarah: Don’t click this link!!!)

9. The power of mom’s voice

10. And finally, haven’t you always wondered why men are obsessed with fellatio?

PS – Sarah is only on season three of GIRLS so NO SPOILERS! Don’t you just love that show?? Look for more on that next week!