July 23, 2017 Evie 0Comment

Dear Evie+Sarah: I have this friend who is constantly trying my lipstick and lipgloss without my offering, and it grosses me out. We’ll be out together, touching up our makeup in the bathroom, and she’ll reach over and grab my new lipstick right out of my hand and spread all over her lips. I know I’m being a total germaphobe. She’s one of my closest friends, and it’s not like I’m worried about contracting any particular disease from her, I just don’t necessarily want to swap spit via my brand new lipgloss tube. How can I get her to stop?? Grossed Out

Dear Grossed Out: We get it. Even if you’re really close with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to share makeup with them. And you’re right that there are lots of gross diseases that can be transmitted this way, so it’s probably best to keep your “spit swapping” to a minimum. We can also see why you’d be hesitant to tell a close friend that this particular habit makes you uncomfortable. While you may find this kind of sharing cringe-worthy, she obviously does not and may think you’re being obnoxious by suggesting that a close friend’s germs are offensive.

The good news is that you’re close enough friends that you should be able to let her know how you feel without running the risk of alienating her, as long as you use a little humor. If you know there’s a particular shade of lipgloss or lipstick of yours that she liked, why not pick her up a tube of it? Put a little ribbon around it and hand it to her the next time you find yourselves touching up side-by-side, saying, “Here, now we won’t have to swap spit anymore!”

That’ll almost certainly cause her to ask if her habit of stealing your makeup is grossing you out, to which you can answer honestly. Again, a touch of humor here can go a long way: “You know I’m kind of a germaphobe, so I thought I’d get you your own tube since it seems like you really like this color.” Hope that helps!

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