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Senate Defeats Gun Control Measures

Source: CNN

Can I be honest? I’m mad as hell about Congress’s lack of action when it comes to gun control. I mean, how many people have to die before they do something??

Look at poll after poll and you’ll see the vast majority of Americans, Democrats and Republicans, support gun control measures: stronger background checks (a whopping 85% of us according to Pew), bans on assault weapons (CBS News) and large-capacity ammunition magazines (Washington Post), and measures to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists (again, 86%).

Last week, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy managed a 15-hour filibuster that resulted in Senate Republicans giving in and allowing votes on expanding background checks and delaying or barring anyone on the terrorism watch list from purchasing guns.

But guess what? These measures were all voted down, per Congress’s usual shenanigans. You know things have gotten totally out of hand when my own Texas senator, John Cornyn, a guy with an A+ rating from the NRA, can’t get a measure delaying gun sales to suspected terrorists off the ground. Appalling.

Yesterday, House Democrats staged a sit-in to protest Congress’s inaction. While I think that’s really nifty, our Congressmen and -women continue to vote along party lines: bleeding heart liberals support gun control and gun-toting Republicans promise to uphold the Second Amendment.

House Democrats sit-in gun control

Something’s gotta give, and that’s not going to happen without us getting utterly irate. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pick up your phone and call your Senators and Representatives in DC. It’s time to tell them you’ve had enough and demand legislative change. It’s time to remind them that election season is upon us, and if they want to keep their jobs, they need to vote with their constituents’ interests and opinions in mind, not those of the NRA and other gun-rights lobbying groups and PACs.

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Did you know “people who prioritize gun rights over gun control are four or five times more likely to contribute money to advocacy groups, contact public officials, sign petitions and express their views on social media”? (Washington Post) It’s time to change that. It’s time to make our voices heard.


Are you mad too? Good! Pick up the phone and say something like this:


Hi, my name is _______________ and I live at _______________ [be sure to include your address, since they won’t take you seriously unless they know you’re a constituent]. I’ve been following the latest gun control measures going through Congress, and I’m disappointed to see that our elected officials aren’t able to make any progress whatsoever toward protecting citizens from mass shootings.

I’ve read survey after survey in which Americans of both political parties agree on the need for stronger background checks and laws to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists, yet the Senate just voted against these measures. I’m asking you to help close these loopholes in light of public opinion as well as the fact that there have been nearly 200 mass shootings in the United States in 2016 alone [check Mass Shooting Tracker for the most recent (and depressing) count].

This November, I will be voting for elected officials that intend to pass common-sense gun safety laws. I hope you will be one of them.

You can get the contact information for your Representative here and your Senators here. You can also find out how your Senators voted this month on expanded background checks on Everytown’s website.

Make the call and tell a friend. It’s time to get mad.

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