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This may not be a popular answer in some circles, but a phone is not a child’s toy. It is a very expensive communication device, and although there are many aspects of a phone that may interest a child, it isn’t for them to touch, hold, or play with without explicit permission. Some parents allow their children to play with phones, and others do not. If playing with her parents phone is part of a child’s day, she should be instructed not to touch or ask for a phone that belongs to someone else. Doing so would be presumptuous and disrespectful.

If a child asks you for your phone, you have every right to refuse. You can politely say, “Sorry, but this is not for you. This phone is just for grown ups.” You can also try, “I don’t share my phone. Sorry.” Small children are learning about sharing and may understand that term. If a child persists and continues to ask you to share your phone, you can always tell her that sharing is optional, (it is!) and that this phone is just for you. It’s okay. You don’t have to share your things with every child who asks.

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One thought on “How Do I Politely Refuse to Give my Phone to a Small Child who Asks for It?

  1. Well said. Phones are not toys, and if children want them they can grow up, get a job, and buy their own. And despite what some people might suggest, “no” is an entirely polite word.

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