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Your reviews make a have a huge impact on the success of our podcast—any podcast, really. Reviews let people know that a podcast has an audience that’s engaged and devoted. They encourage new listeners to give Best Friend Banter a try. And shouldn’t they, really??

Here’s how you can help! Leaving us a review on iTunes is easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

1. Visit iTunes on your phone or desktop and search for “Best Friend Banter.”

2. Click on our show under Podcasts (not Episodes), then the Reviews tab up top.

3. Select “Write a Review” (at the top of the page in the desktop version, bottom of the same page on an iPhone).

4. You’ll be asked to sign in to the iTunes Store using your usual login information.

5. Draft your review! We’d LOVE it if you would write a few words about why you tune in to Best Friend Banter in addition to leaving us 5 stars :)

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