October 17, 2017 Evie 0Comment

Q. How Would You Respond to a Kid Asking for Money?

A. If you’ve got a child asking for money, he or she probably doesn’t have a parent or other adult with them at the time, which means they’re wandering around talking to strangers. Yikes! I understand that in some countries and in some cultures that might be the norm, but in most of America, that scene should raise some questions.

If we’re talking about a young child, a caring adult should try to make sure the child is safe by asking:

  • Where is your family? Can I help you find them?
  • What do you need the money for?

If the child approaching you is older, say a teenager, then you’re probably not as concerned about their being lost, but you should still ask what they need the money for.

Sadly, people of any age asking for money may not have the best plans for spending it. If you’re able to determine what they’re trying to buy, then you might be able to purchase that thing for them (e.g. food, drink, subway fare).

Obviously, the extent of your generosity is up to you. Maybe you can offer the change in your pocket. Maybe you can hand that kid a ten-dollar bill. But keep in mind that a child who needs money may need more than just financial help from you.

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