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I’m not someone who struggles with mental illness, except when I do.

I can go for years without a hint of it and then WHACK. It comes right back to me.

It started in high school when I was diagnosed with PTSD, the result of a devastating car accident in my childhood. Even now, decades later, something can spark an intense emotional reaction in me that can leave me reeling for days or weeks. (I talked a lot about this on episode #17 of our podcast, Best Friend BanterWith a Little Help From My Friends.

And when that happens, I’m so eternally grateful to have friends who get the struggles of not always feeling right. That’s why this piece called “The value of a friendship where you both suffer with mental health issues” caught my eye.

“Sometimes people with mental health issues worry about being a burden to those who don’t. We worry that opening up about things to someone with ideal mental health will push them away because it’ll be ‘too much to handle.’

“This isn’t the case when you’re opening up to people who struggle themselves.

“People who know what you’re going through – or at least have had an experience of what you deal with – are happy to listen to you. Not just because they want to support you but because it’s a relief to them to know that they’re not crazy. They’re not alone. They’re just like you, someone who needs a little bit of help with an illness that is out of your control.

These people understand that it is an illness. That it’s not ‘all in your head’ and that sometimes it’s not easy to get out of bed and face the day.”

If you’ve ever struggled with mental illness and found solace in a friendship, you’ve got to read the rest. And if you’ve got a friend with mental illness even though you don’t suffer from it yourself, please read this! The perspective might surprise you.

Can you relate to this writer’s perspective?

Featured image and article source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/29/the-value-of-a-friendship-where-you-both-suffer-with-mental-health-issues-6962715/?ito=cbshare


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