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School Supplies

I’m not giving gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Ok, ok, put down your rocks. How could I be so callous? Don’t I know how hard these teachers work?

Yes. Yes, I do. I taught for ten years before having my kids. I love teachers. In fact, this year, my kids have amazing teachers. My son’s teacher, for instance, took him into kindergarten half way through the year. You’ve all read that story here. She believed in him. She challenged him. She motivated him. He loves her and her instructional assistant. She is communicative, kind, firm, and has given 100% to put my son in a position to succeed. And he has soared.

But teachers aren’t just those who stand in front of the classroom. Teachers are everywhere. Bus drivers, custodians, swim instructors, gymnastics teachers, sports coaches, religious school teachers, your neighbor who always tells the teenagers to slow their cars down…the list goes on and on. If I gave a gift to all those people, I’d be broke!
So, this week, I’m trying to recognize all the teachers in my kids life. Tell them how much they mean to us. Show our gratitude. Show them that we see them, we know they care, and we appreciate how much they do.

It really does take a village. So this week, I challenge you to think about all the teachers your children have…even the ones you may not have thought of until now. What is your child learning from the woman who gives him his lunch? How about the tech specialist who comes in during computer lab?

All of these adults are teachers. Let’s appreciate them all.

Gifts? Not necessary. Just recognition. We see you. We think you’re awesome. And we thank you.


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