September 26, 2017 Evie 0Comment

Q. Is it rude to walk barefoot in a friend’s house?

A. When it doubt about whether to wear shoes and/or socks in someone else’s home, ask!

If you enter someone’s home and they’re not wearing shoes, that’s probably your cue to remove yours at the door. If, however, removing your shoes means that you’ll be walking around barefoot (as in, you were wearing sandals), be sure to ask what your host prefers. Some people will favor your dirty shoes to your feet on their floor. I’ve even heard of households where barefoot guests are offered a pair of clean socks to wear.

Bottom line: if you think walking barefoot in your friend’s house will be an issue, skip the sandals and wear shoes + socks instead. And don’t forget to ask your host his/her preference!

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