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If you’re a LuLaRoe lover like me, you’ve probably noticed that everywhere you look consultants are going out of business. There are GOOB sales all over Facebook. At least four consultants I know personally have gone out of business in the last six months. Is it because sales are down? Maybe. People don’t seem to be holding their breath for pop-ups and online sales like they were a year ago. Maybe it’s the crazier and crazier patterns. Maybe it’s the fact that you just can’t seem to find that cute top you swore you saw in someone’s inventory.

Some consultants feel that corporate over saturated the market with consultants, and the supply far exceeded the demand. Some feel the patterns couldn’t sell. But Lularoe is also struggling with quality control issues. Leggings are ripping after only a few wears. Women are sharing stories all over social media about torn leggings and ruined clothes, and because the business model is such so that you may not ever see that same pattern again, women are broken hearted after spending hard earned cash on a pricey item that doesn’t even last through a few washes.

A few months ago, Lularoe released it’s Disney line, but it didn’t seem to catch on. Some of the patterns were cute, but most were way too kitschy for women to fawn all over them as predicted.

So this month at convention, LulaRoe released 8 new styles. Let’s start with the jackets. Yes, jackets!! When I first heard this, I was totally intrigued. I almost always wear a denim vest or jacket with my Lularoe, so to hear there were cute jackets with fun colors and patterns was very tempting.

First up, The Jaxon. Straight from Lularoe, “the LuLaRoe Jaxon denim jacket runs a bit longer, falling about hip length, and is a bit more tailored to flatter bodies of all shapes and sizes. It features custom buttery soft denim and twill fabrics that include spandex allowing for free and easy movement. The Jaxon has front pockets, and comes in multiple color-ways, shades, and washes with a limited number of them boasting unique embroidery.”

And next up, The Harvey: “The Harvey follows the classic fit of a denim jacket and is custom-made from the softest twill and denim fabrics, with spandex giving it the ultimate fit and comfort for any occasion. It comes in multiple color-ways, shades, and washes with a limited number of them boasting unique embroidery.”

Honestly, the jacket looks a little boxy to me.

And the price point??


That is PRICEY. For a jacket I can get at Old Navy? Hard pass. Now, one may strike my eye, but it will have to be AHH-mazing to get my attention. And for Lularoe, who markets themselves as all about fashionable, affordable clothing, they might be jumping the shark on this one.

Next up, two new tops. A long sleeve top, the Lynnae, (their first one!) and a tight shirt, the Gigi, which is basically a short version of the Julia dress.

Both of these tops are cute, and again, depending on pattern, may be something I’d like to try. I’m more partial to the Gigi, since the Julia is one of my favorite pieces. Price points on this one? $38 and $35 respectively. A little pricey, but basically the same price as their other tops.

Finally, Lularoe is discontinuing the Monroe, which is their fringe kimono. Instead, they’ve introduced the star studded Shirley, which is a dramatic and colorful kimono. “Long, flowing and boasting a dreamy angel sleeve, the kimono comes in the prettiest patterned chiffons, laces, and haccis.” Price point? $48.

To be honest, this one is gorgeous. I can see myself buying one of these.

So what do you think? Will these new styles be enough to resurrect a brand that is losing its luster? Or are they trying too hard with clothing that will be way beyond budget for most women?

Are these clothes still stylish, comfortable and affordable? Or not?

PS: I’m not a Lularoe consultant. This post was in no way sponsored by Lularoe or any of its consultants. All opinions are my own. :)

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One thought on “Is LuLaRoe Losing its Luster? (And a Peek At The New Styles!)

  1. Lularoe, R & F, etc are doomed to fail for many reasons.

    1) A MLMs is basically a pyramid scheme that has sidestepped the legal definition by incorporating some degree of product sales. However, the profit is driven by consultant recruitment. Get cornered by one of these MLM consultants at the local produce aisle, and her primary focus is on getting you on board as a consultant (secondary to extolling the virtues the virtues of said acne eradicater, “colorful” leggings, etc.)

    2) Yeah, ok, I get it. There is usually a perceived financial price to being a SAHM. Selling tacky clothes, trinket jewelry items, and skin creams that claim to yield nearly the same results as Botox at a fraction of the price seems like a good way to make up income lost by your selfless decision to stay at home. (Actually, many SAHM’s have done at least back-of-the-envelope calculations and concluded that their education, social work, art appreciation, etc degree would yield a salary approx equal (or less!) than childcare. Thus the bemoaned financial hit is largely wishful thinking. If you are an orthopedic surgeon forfeiting a $700,000 salary to be a SAHM, you are the rare exception.) But joining a MLM is not helping you or society in the long-run. If you recruit a financially stressed friend to be a consultant, the chances of her making a significant profit are statistically slim. And if you’re hitting up your well-off acquaintances (who buy through both a desire to curtail the sales pitch and some degree of yuppy guilt), that’s not cool either.

    3) Amazon is ne of the most successful companies ever for a reason. Get online, choose product, get back to life (assuming you have one).

    So there you have it.

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