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cover gWhat I wrote was intimate. It was the first conclusion to Nate and Jenny’s story; the story of the weekend that Jenny and Nate met their daughter. It was the story of a birth mother who chose to give her baby a new life by inviting Nate and Jenny to adopt her. It was a story that was so emotional that we couldn’t publish it.

While we talked about her journey with infertility, Jenny felt that the story was hers and Nate’s to tell. They wanted to share their experience with the hopes that others wouldn’t feel alone or that they were the only ones going through such frustration and sometimes, devastation.

But then, Jenny and I started to talk about the adoption process. And once Jenny told me the whole story, she began to realize something that she hadn’t considered before.

Once she started the adoption process, the story was no longer hers.


The story now belongs to the birth mother, to Jenny and Nate, and to their daughter.


So we decided to stop telling it. We stopped telling the story to protect the privacy of those involved and to respect the emotions involved. It wouldn’t have been fair.


But there was a happy ending and we wanted to share it with all of you.

A year ago, Jenny and Nate adopted a beautiful baby girl.


Now, they have the opportunity to adopt her biological sister. But adoption is expensive. And with the expenses of a second adoption looming, Jenny and Nate have set up a GoFund Me account to help with finances. If you’d like, we’d all appreciate any donation to help Jenny and Nate with the new baby who is due to arrive very soon! They are so excited about adding to their family, and would be so grateful for any support from readers.

Jenny and Nate want to thank you all for reading, supporting, and commenting on their story and for supporting, sharing, and commenting on their process of becoming parents. The more we talk about infertility and adoption, the more we all can learn about the process, frustration, the secrets, the anxiety, and the joy of bringing a child into a family.

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