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Within the first thirty minutes of the debate, I actually thought Trump might win. The debate, that is. A talk about economy left Secretary Clinton sounding  like a socialist; her plan to redistribute wealth was a little too much for me. He totally schooled her on trade. He was looking more prepared than ever. For a few minutes, I saw myself supporting Trump.

But there’s a reason debates are 90 minutes, not 20. Not only do they test the knowledge of the candidates, but they also test stamina, the ability to think and respond quickly and the ability to stay calm and composed while unscripted accusations fly back and forth.

And Trump did get really flustered. Clinton stayed patient, smug even. In fact, the next day on social media, she was praised for keeping calm while Trump got more and more aggressive. Of course, Clinton’s composure was “blamed” on her gender. (It’s worth nothing that if someone had blamed a weakness on her gender everyone would be screaming, but to “blame” a strength on her gender is ok…such is the world we’re in.)

Composure and calmness are qualities we’re all looking for in a president, and the media ran with this idea today, using it to their full advantage to side with Clinton.

If you watched most news stations, most said Clinton won. She was prepared, she was specific, she was composed and well researched. No one mentioned her smugness, her arrogance, the topics that didn’t come up that could’ve thrown her off balance.

But it’s important to remember that most news stations are leaning toward the left. And what the media tells the public is cleverly spun to get a specific message across. So it’s smart to look at other headlines.

For example, the headline on today:

“How Clinton Prepared to Turn Trump’s Attacks Back on him; When Trump Lost His Cool”

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New York Times: “Hillary Clinton Will not be ‘Mansplained”‘ and “Trump Lashes Out, Calling Debate Unfair” 

So, what you may be thinking is that Clinton won the debate, so of course all the headlines favor her! But for a second, think about who decided that. There’s no concrete point system in a debate, obviously, so the next day, all the political pundits discuss their opinions, rooted in their own bias, to come up with an answer. Of course, the candidates do this as well, leaving our heads spinning on what to believe.

To give you another headline, FoxNews, which is notoriously right of center, had a different headline:

“Debate Night Draws Big Money: Campaign has Raised more than $13 million in 24 hours, Trump Says” 

This headline has no mention of Clinton, and has a photo of Trump, whereas many of the other ones have photos of Clinton.

It may be that you agree that Clinton won the debate. But before you decide, take a good look at the sources that are giving you the information, and make your own decision.

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    Thanks for bringing up media bias here. People are too quick to believe what the media’s telling them without realizing what media outlet is giving them the information. The media is biased and unfortunately, this often doesn’t allow people to make decisions for themselves.

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