September 28, 2017 Evie+Sarah 0Comment

Are you a fan of the Modern Love column in the New York Times? I got into it when I discovered the podcast, which consists of actors and actresses reading the essays published in the column, followed by updates from the essayists and thoughts from the editor of the column.

Usually, the essays don’t touch much on friendship as a form of love, but we were in for a treat this week, with Victor Lodato’s “When Your Greatest Romance Is A Friendship | Modern Love 83.”

I just loved that Lodato focused on an intergenerational friendship, and one between a man and a woman. He also captured the essence of a mature relationship in which neither party expects anything of the other—everything that’s given is given with love.

“Some of the greatest romances of my life have been friendships. And these friendships have been, in many ways, more mysterious than erotic love: more subtle, less selfish, more attuned to kindness.”


Be sure to tune in if you haven’t already. And here’s the essay, in case you’re more of a words person :)

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