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Q. My child keeps taking their clothes off in public! What do I do?

A. Oh no! Tough situation! Kids may choose to take their clothes off for a few different reasons. It’s important to try to figure out the reasons before coming to a solution! Some reasons/solutions are as follows:

  1. The child is feeling hot and wants less clothing. This can be solved by explaining which layers are appropriate to take off in public and which are not, and then giving the child control over when he takes off his outer layers.
  2. The child feels restricted by his clothing. Some children do not like form fitting garments. Help him by dressing him in looser clothing.
  3. The child is irritated by the fabric of the clothing. Some children get very irritated with clothing that is rough to the touch, or has tags that stick into their skin. If this is the case, stick with cotton clothing and remove tags prior to wear.
  4. The child is newly toilet trained. Many children, when they are newly toilet trained, get frustrated with having to deal with buttons and zippers and often have accidents before they can get their clothes off. They learn rather quickly that not wearing clothes is much easier!! Solve this by giving the child elastic waist pants, and nothing fancy such as overalls or multiple buttons.
  5. The child just doesn’t like clothing! Some kids prefer to be naked. If this is the case, give the child certain time in the day where it is acceptable, (such as after bath), but also explain why people must wear clothing during the majority of the day. (cleanliness, privacy).

If none of these solutions work, the parent can always use an incentive chart, or take the child shopping. If he loves the clothes he’s wearing, he’ll be less likely to shed them!

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