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1. New “Bullet Journal for Moms” Series on


I am sooooo excited to partner with Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal, to launch a new series on about all the ways busy moms can benefit from a Bullet Journal!

Each month I’ll be sharing ways a Bullet Journal can simplify your life as a mother, including applications for family life as well as caring for your home and for yourself. We’ll deep dive into how you can use your journal in each stage of parenting, from pregnancy through to life with multiple children.

This series won’t be about bedazzling your journal or writing your memoir; this will be practical, focused suggestions for making a Bullet Journal an extension of your brain so critical that I promise you’ll designate a pocket in your diaper bag for the thing!

Be sure to join me on to learn Why Every Mom Needs a Bullet Journal this month, and why your pregnancy is the perfect time to start a Bullet Journal next month.

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2. Bullet Journal for Moms Email Challenge

As if this weren’t exciting enough, I’ve also created a BRAND NEW 7-Day Bullet Journal for Moms Email Challenge that’s a perfect compliment to my new series on
In just 7 days, you’ll learn:

  • what you need and how to get a Bullet Journal started, plus tweaks for busy moms
  • techniques like listing and tracking that will take everything jumbling your brain and organize it on paper, from meal planning to ovulation tracking
  • where to find inspiration to go deeper with your “Bujo” and even get fancy!
  • how to become a member of the incredibly supportive Bullet Journal community

P.S. – Don’t forget to sign up for my 7-day Bullet Journal for Moms Email Challenge!



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3. An *Official* Bullet Journal Notebook Giveaway

Last but certainly not least, thank you very much to Ryder for offering to giveaway one of his SOLD OUT official Bullet Journal Notebooks with each installment of this series!


To enter, please comment below. What we want to know from you is:

  1. What challenges you face to stay organized as a mom, or…
  2. What tips you can share with fellow moms about keeping it all together.

Good luck, friends!!

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16 thoughts on “New Series on + Email Challenge!

  1. I have a hard time keeping on top of all the activities and plans that everyone in the family has-now that my kids are older, I have to coordinate all the schedules for all five of us!

    I love that you are talking more about bullet journaling for moms! This system works so well!

  2. The challenges I face to stay organized as mom to keep everything simple and smoothly running, pursuing realistic goals, and trying to keep a weekly appointment with myself (usually on Sunday’s) to reflect on the past week – a end of the week review,

    Tips I would share to fellow moms about keeping it all together, is that it is okay if you are not “together” all the time. “Try not to become a person of success but rather a person of value” Albert Einstein. I have been implementing and reflecting this great quote for about a month now. It has helped in numerous ways. Instead of having the burden of always succeeding or having the last say. I ask myself how can I add value to this conversation, how can I add value to this situation, how can I add value to the world (through upbringing my children in a nurturing environment so they become great human beings).

    Another tip I have also started is one line commandments (taking inspiration from the author of “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin”) Here are some of my own:

    1. Action cures fear
    2. Guard what benefits you
    3. Plan tomorrow, today
    4. Put everything in it’s place
    5. Time block

    There are more…these are the top five for now. If I am stressed I will pick one and focus on it (even repeat to myself) throughout the day while doing tasks. This keeps me calm and sane.

    I hope the above is beneficial.

  3. I’m a young mom of two, a loving wife, a student, and I started a small handmade craft booth at my local Farmers’ Market. With all of that going on I struggle with keeping deadlines and making time for new things.

    The only advice I can give which is what I keep telling myself is even Wonder Woman can have a bad day.

  4. School has been my challenge this past year. So many thing to remember and keep track of!

  5. I am just getting started with bullet journaling after a few years away from keeping a paper planner. Electronic planning just does not keep me actively getting things done.

    The biggest challenge I face is staying involved with planning. I can write it down or set a reminder but if I don’t check in then it gets lost. BuJo helps me tremendously since I use it like a To Do list and calendar. Being able to check things off as they are completed helps motivate me and gives a sense of accomplishment. Decorating makes it more enjoyable.

    My best advice would be to try different systems and find what works for you. Don’t feel like you have to do things a certain way – if it’s not helping you then that’s not good!

  6. It’s like you guys were reading my mind! I’ve been thinking about starting to Bullet Journal in June. My life has so many layers of details now that I struggle to keep up. I’ve learned that I NEED to write things down in one place and refer to it often. I find it also helps to focus on my “big picture” when I’m having trouble with my day to day routine.

  7. My biggest challenge is time management. I have 8 children how I homeschool, babysit another, run 2 businesses and volunteer with 2 organizations in town. I have to find a way to put it all together and manage my time.

  8. I’m really loving this site. I love bullet Journaling, but need ideas to tweak it to work for me. Keeping the family calendar and the work calendar together in my bullet journal is my current big challenge. Looking forward to learning from you all!

  9. I definitely struggle with finding balance and keeping on top of household chores, meal planning, activities I want to do with my family…the list never ends!

  10. I would like to be able to see all the juggling, running around as FUN and not as a chore. Always in a rush to get things done, that sometimes you forget to look at the family, kids, dog and see them and joke with them instead of rushing, reminding and ordering to get their duties, homework done.

  11. I am having a hard time using digital apps for my calendar and to-do lists, I need something I can touch and turn the page of. But my wall calendar doesn’t have a place for my daily to do list and I need a place where I can keep everything together and organized. I just started my bullet journal and it seems to be the answer to my unorganized life. I can’t wait to see what insight you have to offer to make the “bujo” work even better for me.

  12. I’ve been wading into bullet journaling before taking the deep plunge. I’m a mother, a teacher and I’m finding that the bullet journal gives me the space that an introvert living an extrovert’s life needs.

  13. I don’t like keeping a terribly complicated planner, but one huge tip I have is to assign a color per family member. This helps so much in being able to tell at a glance who needs to be where and who has a deadline coming up, I use a regular black pen for general household to-do’s. Hope someone finds this helpful! :)

  14. I struggle with getting my daughter off to school on time. She starts at 7am and the school is only 200 meters from the house, but for some reason it just never works even though we get up before 6am.

  15. I would have loved something like this when my kids were little. Now they are young adults and once again all living at home. I find the Bullet Journal helps me keep things straight, such as when my daughter’s two full sized Grey Hounds need to be fed and taken care of because Emily is working late. Or what is my other daughters work schedule and when and if anyone will be home for dinner.
    This journal takes everything out of my head, down on paper and from there I can tackle the next item.

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