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As I write this, I’m enjoying my lunch, which consists of steamed broccoli, raw carrots, two hard boiled eggs and a tall glass of water. I’m slightly missing the hunk of parmesan cheese  I usually eat and the handful of bagel chips. And I’m definitely missing the Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper I usually enjoy. But, with no carbs or dairy in sight, I’m pretending those crunchy carrots are bagel chips. It’s not bad so far, but this is my easy time of day.

Tonight will be a different story, especially with that yummy cake I made last night staring at my from it’s glass dome. (Almond cream cheese frosting…hmmm)

Honestly, I’ve been researching the whole30 for months. But I’ve been so scared to start. No dairy, carbs or sugar? No soda? No cheese? No sugar?? (I said that already, I know.) I didn’t think I could do it. This lifestyle change also requires a lot of prep and more cooking than I’m used to, so that scares me too. And, the scariest thing? With this change, I have to focus a lot on me. What am I eating? When am I going to plan and prep these foods? It’s more attention on me than I’m used to, and I’m not sure I’d have the time. So for months I didn’t do it. But now, with a new year, it’s the perfect time to remind myself that taking care of myself is important.

So I’ve made a commitment. 30 Days. Even with my birthday and my daughter’s birthday this month, I’m not going to indulge in sugar, processed foods or bad carbs. I am however, going to continue to drink my Shakeology. I love that shake and it does help me stay full and give me energy. So even though that is forbidden by die hard Whole30 bloggers, I’ve found some more lenient bloggers who say it’s okay.

Full disclosure: I’m an absolute sugar addict. I eat very healthy, except for a few nights of week when I indulge, but generally, my meals are good. But my snacking at night is awful. A slice of cake, some Hershey’s kisses…and although my weight isn’t going up, it doesn’t go down either.

I don’t have a lot to lose. 15 lbs at the most, but it’s stubborn and it doesn’t want to come off. I’ve been working on this same weight since I had my third child a year and a half ago. But my hopes for this month are to re-set my cravings, drop some weight, feel good in my clothes and get ready for weather when I can’t hide my mummy tummy in a baggy sweater. And with my new obsession with Stitch Fix (See my instagram at sarahgold73) I definitely want to rock those clothes!

But I’m nervous I’ll cave. I’m nervous I’ll sabotage myself, like I always do. I’ve heard Oprah once say that the scale is always your enemy. If it says something you like, you eat. If it says something you don’t like, you diet furiously. She’s totally right. The scale is not my friend. And this month I’m not supposed to weigh myself at all. I’m not sure I’ll succeed with that.

I’ve got a couple of friends who are rocking this month with me. You’ve got to have friends doing this sort of thing with you, right? Anyone else out there starting the whole30 today? Comment below.

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I’d love any recipe ideas! So far, I’m getting excited to try hamburgers and spinach and sweet potato toast! But I’d love more ideas. I’m off to buy the book soon. I’ve heard it’s crucial.

Come back and visit for my progress this month! Will I lose 10 lbs? Will I lose 15? Will I give up completely? Oh I hope not.