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Last month, when we were redesigning/rebranding the site, leaving merelymothers behind and growing into Evie+Sarah, we talked a lot about what we wanted this new site to be:

The real us. Our friendship: best friends chatting about anything and everything, no filter necessary.

We wanted it to feel like our space, where our personalities could really come through, and part of that is our aesthetic. How did we want the site to look? Modern, clean, and cool.

That’s when we discovered Mary Catherine Brownfield, an artist who does these super chic sketches:




Right then and there we decided we needed sketches of our own for the site. I mean, really, how many times in life do you get to commission a portrait? One needs a good excuse 

Well, they’re reaaaaady! Check it out:

Evie and Sarah Mary Catherine Brownfield sketches

Woohoo! So fun. Looks just like us, right? Now we’ve got something fancy for our header up top.

What chic way to end the week! Happy Friday, Friends.
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