March 20, 2016 Sarah 7Comment

  There’s a secret society for women. It’s a virtual community, where women compliment each other, build each other up, and make each other feel beautiful. It’s a place where women celebrate the body they have, not the body they fantasize about, or the body they’ll be happy with ten or fifty pounds from now. It’s not about the size you were ten years ago, before babies. It’s about the size you are now. Many of the women post their photos with trepidation. They may lament about their tummy, their hips, their legs as they talk about the clothes they…

March 9, 2016 Evie 3Comment

I loathe Donald Trump. I detest everything about him, from his unbelievably tacky, you’re-not-fooling-anyone hair to the stupid way his mouth hangs open between nonsensical phrases. I hate everything he stands for, politically and otherwise. My god, even his own party can’t stand him! CNN (more…)

March 5, 2016 Evie 1Comment

I have an affinity for nerds. Not just any nerds, though. I want nothing to do with that painfully awkward geek squad on Big Bang Theory. The nerds I’m drawn to are a special breed: book nerds. The type who quasi-stalk their favorite authors on Twitter; the type who’ll readily debate whether digital books are blasphemous; the type that’ll tell you how delicious bookstores smell. (more…)

March 3, 2016 Evie 1Comment

Only as an adult have I come to realize the impact food has on my life—the way I structure my days around it. Meals punctuate both remarkable and trivial life events. Let’s go to the park and pack a picnic lunch. Let’s enjoy a big stack of diner pancakes after our visit to the pediatrician. Let’s do a nature scavenger hunt around our neighborhood with a Tupperware of apple slices in hand. To me, food is more than nourishment. It’s a creative outlet and, as I joked on Valentine’s Day, it’s my love language. Spending an afternoon chopping and blending and…