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Sarah Davis, Ed.D., and Evie Granville, M.Ed., have been writing about motherhood for six years. In the age of sarcastic, self-deprecating mommy blogs that made fun of how messy and maddening parenting can be, we decided explore motherhood as a joyful challenge—always questioning, always learning.

In that time, we've shared our perspectives on everything from breastfeeding to babywearing with millions of readers and now podcast listeners, who describe our banter as "open, hilarious, and heart-warming." Our background as educators and our connection as best friends gives us the space to dive deep into everything from how the birth of a baby changes a marriage to "sick kid etiquette."

Parenting doesn’t happen in a bubble. It happens in the grocery store checkout line, the library’s storytime, the toy aisles of Target, and your favorite pre-baby restaurant. When our parenting becomes public, it’s not always pretty. We need a whole new set of rules, and that's where we come in.

We've been featured on the Washington Post, Reader's Digest, Scary Mommy, BulletJournal.com, Military Spouse, Kveller, The Little Gym blog, and Z-Life magazine. Sarah published her first parenting book, Making Kid Time Count, The Attentive Parent Advantage: Ages 0-3, in 2013.

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