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More than once, I’ve gotten stuck on something in my Bujo and put out a cry for help only to be met with dozens of responses from the awesome Bullet Journal community. And recently, a reader approached me for some suggestions. She asked how you could use a Bullet Journal for party-planning. I love this application so I got right to work on a few spreads to take the crazy out of planning your next party.

First, a page for hammering out the details: date, time, venue, theme, and budget. I like to start each project with something like a fact sheet:

Party-Planning in a Bullet Journal

This is also a great place for planning and tracking your budget. Ask yourself, What’s my total budget? How do I plan to divide up the funds toward the different expenses? And then keep track of what you actually spent so you stay on budget.

Next up? The guest list, which should have four main components:

  1. Guest names
  2. RSVPs
  3. The gift each guest gave (if applicable)
  4. And a place to track whether you’ve sent a thank you note to that person (yes, I still really believe in thank you notes!)

Party-Planning in a Bullet Journal

Something else I do each time I throw a party is to create a checklist for myself of all the little tasks that’ll go into pulling the party together. I try to map it out in chronological order: what needs to happen a few weeks before the party, right up to the jobs I can really only do on the day of the event and post-party thank you’s.

Party-Planning in a Bullet Journal

Of course, my spreads show how you might use your Bullet Journal to plan for a child’s birthday party, but these spreads would be equally useful for Thanksgiving dinner, an adult-only cocktail party, or any other get-together you’re hosting!

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! Just started my first bullet journal and so excited to see how this will help me throughout life. My daughter’s birthday is approaching fast and I want things to go smooth. Thank you! I will post pictures of how it worked.

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