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If you’ve been reading our website for awhile, you know that one of our most popular essays is Sarah’s raw account of her experience as a military spouse, titled Ten Things about Military Wives you Probably Don’t Want to Know. Originally published on evieandsarah.com in 2014 (which was then merelymothers.com), it has been republished on Scary Mommy as well as on militaryspouse.com. It has almost 500 comments on our site and growing, and has been shared tens of thousands of times on social media.

On this week’s podcast, Sarah is speaking candidly about her ten years as a military spouse; reacting to some of the positive and negative comments on the original essay; confessing about military friendships, marriage, and what it’s been like for the kids; and answering the question, “Would you do this all over again if you knew what you know now?”

If you’ve read the essay, you’ve got to hear this one! If you haven’t, go read it right now and then check out the podcast!

Ten Things about Military Wives You Probably Don’t Want to Know


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