January 9, 2017 Evie 1Comment

Are pink sparkly gowns, tiaras, and tiny plastic heels all part of a harmless dress-up tradition, or does Princess Culture give girls a harmful message about their value in society? Is princess culture either/or?

This week, we’re investigating the appeal of Disney princesses, how they’ve changed over the years, and how differently we both approach Princess Culture with our own kids.

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One thought on “Podcast #18: The Princess and the (Over)Protective Parents

  1. Princess fantasies are pretty natural, and to an extent they are harmless. But we as parents need to be sure to educate our daughters about the differences between fantasy and reality, between cartoons/dolls and real people, and also let them know that princesses have a unique set of problems that come with having been born into (or married into) royalty. There is no perfect life, princess or not.

    Wanting to look your best is good. Wanting to look like some fake ideal is not. That’s not a princess thing, it’s a culture thing. Look at the early princesses compared to the ones drawn today in our favorite Disney films. As time goes on the waistlines shrink, the busts get bigger, the overall silhouettes get slimmer. You can almost tell the decade the film was drawn based on the female characters’ figures. It’s so prevalent in our society that even the animated women can’t escape it.

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