January 25, 2017 Evie 0Comment

Whether you love New Year’s resolutions or hate them, most of us are tempted to give one a try. We certainly are! Join us for a lively (and brief!) discussion on this week’s episode of Best Friend Banter on the promises we made ourselves at the start of 2017 and an early accounting of how we’re doing with meeting our goals.

This week, we’re sharing a new shorter episode format we’re calling “Banterini“: just the sort of little conversation we actually have between errands each day. Going forward, we’ll be releasing new episodes of Best Friend Banter on a weekly schedule, with one of these mini convos every other week.

That’s right: Best Friend Banter every week!! Oooh, this is going to be fun :)

Tune in for our latest episode and tell us what your resolution was this year, and whether you’re sticking to it so far.

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1. From an iPhone, find the Podcast app. The icon looks like this:



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How to subscribe to a podcast


3. Type in “Best Friend Banter” and click on our podcast.



4. Done! Now, each new episode of Best Friend Banter will show up on your phone in the Podcasts app automatically.


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