April 25, 2017 Evie+Sarah 0Comment

Do you squirm every time you have to pick up the phone to call someone? If it’s your bestie, probably not, but what if it’s your boss? An acquaintance?

Do you feel like you’re walking in on someone naked when they answer the phone? “Whoops, sorry…didn’t mean to bother you…”

What? Are we apologizing for talking on the phone?

That’s what’s going on this week on Best Friend Banter. Phone and texting etiquette, and whether this move away from the telephone is just a mom thing or the new norm for everyone.

Tune in, plus learn how you could be featured in an upcoming episode of Best Friend Banter on how you know whether you want more kids. We’re asking listeners to send us their stories by recording voice memos on their cell phones and emailing them to us at hi@evieandsarah.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!


PS — Don’t forget, we’re still offering listeners $5 Starbucks gift cards just for leaving us a review on iTunes! We’ve made it easy with this step-by-step guide.





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