Check out these gorgeous DIY “Better-Than-Paint-Chip” mobiles made by merelymothers readers!

Thanks to Ashley S. for sending this photo along. LOVE the colors!!

gray mobile

Check out Andrea’s version using a flower punch. She says…

If I could redo it, I would use the circles, I think it would look fuller. I was far too invested into this when I decided the circles would look better! I also used a lamp shade instead of the hoops. I spray painted it gold, but you can’t really tell!

flower punch mobile

Sara C. made her mobile as a gift. She says…

Thanks for the very accurate and appreciated instructions! You were right on with the cost AND the amount of time. That almost never happens when I make things that I see on the internet. I followed your instructions exactly except I used embroidery thread when my regular thread wasn’t thick enough. Everyone who sees it says that they want one and that it would be cute for older kids, too. Thank you so much for the idea! :)


Emily C. personalized her mobile by adding mini guitars to the bottom:

Thanks for the awesome step by step instructions! I happily finished this version last weekend. We are doing a rock music theme and once I found the mini guitars I had a vision that thankfully turned out awesome!


As you can see, Lindsay G.’s mobile matches her unique bedding, too:

photo 1

When Isabelle wasn’t having luck finding a mobile that would match her nursery colors, she embarked on a DIY Better-Than-Paint-Chip Mobile adventure!

I would like to thank you for the paint chip mobile tutorial! I was soooooooo tired of trying to find a mobile that would go with the colors we chose for our son’s bedroom. When I saw the mobile on Pinterest, I decided to take the plunge and I’m pretty satisfied of how it turned out!


Rebecca G.’s mobile is unique in its color palette and the use of stars and sparkles as accents. Gorgeous, I think!

I thought about making one all out of stars but I couldn’t find an XL star stamp. Instead I used stars for accents and to add visual interest for the baby looking up. I’m quite happy with it, thanks for the great tutorial!


Another reader took a slightly different direction by using patterned paper, coordinated with the decor of her friend’s baby shower. What a sweet gift! 

mobile babyshower

I love how Ansley of Vivaciously Vintage adapted my original color scheme to include navy blue:

I drooled over your mobile from the moment I found it on Pinterest. It worked out perfect that I’m (slowly!) doing her nursery in coral, mint and navy… I’m smitten with it, and the baby coos and “talks” to her new mobile when she’s in her crib! Your tutorial was beautiful and easy to follow. So, thank you!


Another reader decided to swap the ombre effect for color-blocking. Lovely nursery!


What a beautifully coordinated nursery!

Thank you so much for the awesome step by step instructions. This was my first DIY project ever and I am so happy it came out perfect! …My 4 months old baby loves starring at his mobile when he is nursing; it helps him fall asleep at times.

Gray yellow mobile

And another mobile, this one all the way from the Czech Republic!

…I am expecting my first baby and I wanted something really nice for her to make her space pretty. I have made it all by hand, including the cutting using scissors only! – which finally turned out to be less difficult than I first thought it would be :-)  It took me some evenings but being it at our cozy home next to our fireplace, it was actually very pleasant way how to spend those evenings.

Czech mobile

I’m totally obsessed with the color purple, so Sarah B.’s version really caught my eye.

This is my first pinterest “craft” and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you!
Have you made a mobile of your own? Send me a photo at merelymothers [at] gmail [dot] com, and I may feature it here!