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Registering for Christmas Gifts

When you had your baby, did you visit Babies ‘R Us with one of those scanning guns in hand to pick out your favorite stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and every other accoutrement of motherhood imaginable to (wo)man?

Why didn’t you just let your friends and family “shower” you with random gifts of their choosing?? I’ll tell you why.

  1. You read the safety reviews, you checked the user ratings, you did your homework, and you decided what worked best for you.
  2. You wanted things that reflected your taste.
  3. You didn’t want to spend an afternoon with Customer Service returning duplicate items.

I know there’s still a small minority of people who find registering for gifts tacky, but let’s face it: registering is the practical way to go. That’s why I did something totally crazy this year.

When my family asked us what the girls would like for Christmas, I created an Amazon wish list.

It’s a simple way to pull items from Amazon’s crazy-large inventory and add them to a special list you can share with friends and family. Then, when something is purchased from the list, it’s noted.

Genius or obnoxious?

I’d argue it’s pure GENIUS.

With family scattered all over the place, no one gets to see the girls play, to observe what they go back to day after day and which toys are forgotten at the bottom of the toy chest. Our family doesn’t necessarily know which items we already own and which ones the girls are dying to find under the tree.

To me, creating a list takes all the pressure out of gift-giving. There’s no assumption that the kids’ gifts will come from their wish list, but it offers suggestions.

Plus, how is it any different than having our kids write letters to Santa? Aren’t we really asking them to tell us what they want so we can get it right? Creating an Amazon wish list is kind of like making their letters to Santa public, isn’t it?

I’ll be honest, I had my reservations when I first sent out the link to our wish list. A wee bit presumptuous, perhaps?

But before long, another far-away family member with young kids decided to follow suit and make a list of her own. Hallelujah! Now I know exactly what her babies will find under their tree from us. No guessing, no gift receipts.

What’s your take? Would you “register” for your kids’ holiday gifts?

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One thought on “Registering for Christmas Gifts?

  1. We have been doing Amazon wish lists for a few years! I think it’s genius. Although things can go wrong if you don’t update it or send a link. Last year, my MIL somehow ended up with another Jane’s wish list and I ended up with some very bizarre gifts.

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