September 7, 2017 Evie 0Comment

Did you have a best friend as a teenager? I did: my friend Claire, who you may remember from episodes #23 and #47 of Best Friend Banter. We met as freshmen in high school and developed a bond that sometimes seemed supernatural. We trusted each other with our deepest, darkest secrets. We helped each other ace exams and face our fears and explore our identities. And we also got into plenty of trouble together.

Turns out, having a best friend as a teenager can have positive effects on our well-being well into adulthood.

A study published last month in Child Development showed that having a bestie at that age “predicted relative increases in self-worth and decreases in anxiety and depressive symptoms by early adulthood.” Uh, hello! That’s impressive!!

But think about it: Did you have a friend who saw you through those tumultuous years, and didn’t their friendship help you to become a fully functional adult? Hell, yeah!

So, go ahead. Share this post with that special friend who made sure you never felt like a loser in high school. You owe her more than you may have realized.

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