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Are you familiar with the #rockyourhandwriting hashtag and challenge? Handwriting is a popular subject in the Bullet Journal community and one that really appeals to me. I’ve spent so, so many hours looking for #rockyourhandwriting resources to improve my handwriting that it only seems fitting to share what I’ve found.

I didn’t really think much about my own handwriting until a few years back, when I was making my kids’ first DIY Birthday Chalkboards. Usually, handwriting is a private, personal thing, at least in the digital age. But when I got interested in chalkboard art, I began to notice all the care and attention that went into my favorite artists’ work, especially Valerie McKeehan’s:

The latest TPK blog post (link in profile) was created from a roundup of mini-tutorials that were recently posted on! I like creating blog posts out of TPK Facebook tutorials every so often because it gives you a way to “pin” the tutorials if you’d like to (you can’t “pin” from Facebook), and provides readers who do not have a Facebook account with some fresh pieces of inspiration! The three pieces of envelope art pictured above are detailed in the mini-tutorials. :) #blog #artblog #blogpost #mailart #envelopeart #florals #watercolor #diy #banner #paint #watercolour #dippen #pointedpen #penmanship #brauseef66 #whiteink #artwork #watercolorart #illustration #tutorial #minitutorial #arttutorial #pencil #artist #calligrapher #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #modernscript #thepostmansknock

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My interest in design, and fonts in particular, has also made me inclined to consider my handwriting and challenge myself to recreate fonts by hand. I mean, isn’t this Bella font just sexy?? Look at that ampersand!


Bella font - #rockyourhandwriting resources


Can you spot the font in my Bullet Journal??


Feeling inspired this Saturday morning 🎨#regram @eviegranville

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Given my interest in hand-lettering, I was totally on-board with the whole #rockyourhandwriting theme when I started Bullet Journaling. The only trouble is that it can be challenging to find quality resources geared toward adults who take an interest in handwriting, a dying art.

After scouring the internet for #rockyourhandwriting resources, I’ve culled my favorites below:


#rockyourhandwriting Resources on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing place to gather inspiration! There are so many talented artists and amateurs who share their hand-lettered pieces—everything from photos of commissioned works to rough sketches to demonstration videos. Whenever I start a new project, I visit my favorite Instagram profiles for hand-lettering ideas.

They include:



I joined Skillshare several months ago and have had such good luck with the 16 classes I’ve completed, including several on lettering. (If you’re not a Skillshare member, start your 3-month trial for only 99 cents by clicking HERE.) Here are the lettering classes I’ve already taken:

#rockyourhandwriting resources

The Golden Secrets of Hand-Lettering: Create the Perfect Postcard


#rockyourhandwriting resources

Fauxlligraphy: Faking Calligraphy 101


#rockyourhandwriting resources

Bounce Letters: Adding Character to Your Hand-Lettering


#rockyourhandwriting resources

Chalkboard Lettering: Adding Charm to Your Home


And here are a couple more I have in the queue…

#rockyourhandwriting resources

The Golden Secrets of Script Lettering: Find Inspiration in Your Handwriting


#rockyourhandwriting resources

Brush Lettering Made Simple


Free Online Tips + Tutorials

As part of the #rockyourhandwriting challenge, Dee at Decade Thirty wrote up an Improve your Everyday Handwriting series. Once you see this woman’s handwriting, you’ll understand why I’d be inclined to take her advice:

decade thirty handwritingsentencesruled #rockyourhandwriting resources

Seriously, right?! Dee provides all kinds of interesting factors to consider when trying to improve your handwriting, such as:

What kind of idiosyncrasies do you have in your handwriting style, such as

  • a little circled dot for the letters ‘i’ and ‘j’
  • a little flourish for the letters ‘g, j, y’
  • running on letters from the letter ‘t’, or from baselines letters like ‘g, j, y, and q’
  • do you curl the bottom of your ‘y’ or have it straight down
  • what makes your handwriting unique to you that everyone can identify that a piece of handwriting comes from you?


Jess at Pretty Prints & Paper has a whole Lettering section on her website including worksheets, videos, tips, and recommendations on materials for hand-lettering, brush-lettering, and calligraphy.


Dawn Nicole Designs offers a roundup of 10 free hand-lettering practice worksheets that I’ve been working on. Very helpful!

hand-lettering-roundup-FB #rockyourhandwriting resources

Evie Modern Calligraphy Practice #rockyourhandwriting resources


One of my favorite finds is Colin Tierney’s Crazy Crayola Calligrapy, or Crayligraphy, a technique that uses Crayola markers to produce amazing calligraphy results.

Crayligraphy #rockyourhandwriting resources


If you’re looking for something more authentic, Pieces Calligraphy provides everything you need to know to get started with Brush Calligraphy, including an 8-week basic stroke series and printable worksheets.

#rockyourhandwriting resources


If you’re looking to try a little “fauxlligraphy,” Destination Decoration has a nice tutorial here.

fake calligraphy #rockyourhandwriting resources


And finally, One Artsy Mama also has a slew of resources that branch out from just handwriting/lettering to include the banners and embellishments that are the hallmark of so many beautiful Bullet Journals.

whimsyprintpinnable #rockyourhandwriting resources

#rockyourhandwriting Resources on Pinterest

Pinterest is home to so many fantastic graphics to get you going on your hand-lettering.

How to mix fonts #rockyourhandwriting resources


#rockyourhandwriting resources

Introduction to Lettering, Part 3, Alisa Burke

penmanship #rockyourhandwriting resources

1895 School Primer Penmanship Page

#rockyourhandwriting resources

Maria Agra’s Calligraphy Practice

And don’t forget to visit our Fonts + Hand-Lettering Pinterest board!

#rockyourhandwriting resources Pinterest



Do you have a favorite #rockyourhandwriting resource to add to the list?

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