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LuLaRoe StylingThere’s a secret society for women. It’s a virtual community, where women compliment each other, build each other up, and make each other feel beautiful. It’s a place where women celebrate the body they have, not the body they fantasize about, or the body they’ll be happy with ten or fifty pounds from now. It’s not about the size you were ten years ago, before babies. It’s about the size you are now.

Many of the women post their photos with trepidation. They may lament about their tummy, their hips, their legs as they talk about the clothes they chose that day. Maybe they’re looking for validation, maybe compliments, maybe they want to know if their shirt matches their skirt. But even the very nervous ones, they put their photo out there anyway…like a little girl peeking out of a closet. And then, magically, the comments start to appear.

“Girl, you’re rocking that dress! Love the belt!”

“You look beautiful!”

“I love that pattern on you!”

“We all look different than we did a few years ago. Don’t worry. Celebrate what you have!”

It is amazing, uplifting, inspiring! And it’s all because of a clothing company called LuLaRoe. Initially, the leggings drew me in because they only come in two sizes. “One Size,” or “Tall and Curvy.” So there’s no drama with the “I used to be a six but now I’m a ten,” bullshit. It doesn’t matter, because the pants are going to fit. Done deal.

But then they have skirts, dresses and tops. Although the tops come in sizes XXS-3XL, people don’t seem to worry about which size they are. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to announce the size they need without any worry or shame about the “number” they’re announcing to the entirety of Facebook land.

I just can’t get over the body confidence this company is inspiring. For me, personally, I had a baby a year ago. I still have ten pounds to go, and when I’m wearing my jeans or tighter clothes, I feel uncomfortable and chubby. But the LuLaRoe clothing, I don’t know, it just hugs my curves in the right way, and I actually feel cute when I wear the clothes, even though, according to the scale I *should* be totally depressed.

I asked my friends to send me photos of themselves wearing the clothes. And so many of my gorgeous friends sent in photos! Aren’t they adorable??

12899579_10204808899497089_576186494_o          8752_10209576726838316_1747792818468287596_n

And here’s something else. It’s pretty common for women to start their Facebook posts with things like “I used to wear sweatpants,” or “I never wear dresses,” or “I never wear this much color!” and then continue on to talk about belts they got on Amazon, cute cardigans or colorful shoes they found to match their A-line skirt. It’s like all of a sudden, these women who didn’t understand or care about fashion are coming alive. They’re enjoying it. They’re inspired. And I love it.

It’s an amazing movement that’s empowering all women to play with their clothes. Some of these leggings have animals on them. Some have clouds and suns and rainbows. It’s all supposed to be fun and honestly, it really is. I love scrolling through the page and seeing the super cute accessories women put with the skirts and shirts to dress them up or down. I love seeing everyone’s happy, confident smiles as they rock these clothes.

12903985_10153517549811453_484220915_o                   12832290_10154040149744645_8387056367091922773_n


Boots, flats, jewels, jackets, belts and scarves. Amazing. I Looove it. They even have mommy and me sets, and little girls clothes as well, so mommy and daughter can coordinate or match.




My one hysterical friend even put watermelons in her dress to show how well these dresses fit women with large breasts. See those watermelons? (Yes, I’m really talking about watermelons…) I know, I know, she’s freaking awesome. Love her.

12800295_10105006546273612_7777307229390299655_n                      10603700_10105006546992172_2070973758355552787_n

I love the clothes created by LuLaRoe, but I love the movement it’s inspiring even more.

PS: I’m not a consultant, but I love these clothes and the styles! This is in no way a paid or sponsored post.

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7 thoughts on “The Secret Society of LuLaRoe

  1. Spot on! I’ve never been into clothes and have tried a few times to find things I like, but it always came down to I didn’t feel good in the clothes so I always wore yoga shirts and jeans and changed as soon as I came home. My friends introduced me to LLR and I feel much more confident and happy to wear fun patters and colors! And everyone is super encouraging…just amazing! :-D
    (PS. everyone in the pictures look amazing! :-D )

  2. You have exactly expressed the way I feel about LuLaRoe, but haven’t been able to put into words. I love how the clothes make me and my friends feel so much I actually became a consultant. May I share this with my shopping group?

    1. I’m so glad!! yes! definitely! Look on our homepage at the bottom for the photo of me wearing a julia, and it says, “lularoe styling.” if you click on it, you’ll see all the other articles i’ve written on styling the lularoe clothing! :) feel free to share all!

  3. So true!!! How it has made the momma of three, who are all three and under, is why I’m getting into being a consultant. Should be ordering my initial order this week and can not wait to help others feel beautiful again just like I feel three months postpartum!!!

  4. This brought me to tears. This is exactly why I love Lularoe and the way I feel when I wear it. I’m not the beautiful size 5 I used to be 30 years ago before kids or even the size 10 I was after. Somehow through depression and life issues I’ve become an 18. I work in an office full of women where Plus size is a swear word. I found Lularoe 3 weeks ago and I’m addicted. It’s the first time I have felt pretty in years. I’ve never been afraid to wear color but fat girls don’t wear stripes or patterns or leggings EVER!
    WELL NOT ANYMORE! I have a closet bursting with patterned leggings and Carly’s and beautiful Irmas. Finally I feel good in the clothes I’m wearing and I don’t care what other people might say. It’s about how I feel! Lularoe has been therapy for me!❤️

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