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Lularoe Julia Dress

One of my fave LulaRoe pieces is the Julia dress. It’s a form-fitting dress that comes in all the famous LuLaRoe prints. Honestly, I didn’t love Julia right away. It took me months to try her. What if my “after three kids” tummy is totally obvious? This is a form-fitting dress after all. You can’t wear that unless you’re super skinny right??

No way! Don’t be afraid. The whole point of LuLaRoe is that everyone can wear all the pieces, and the versatility of the pieces allows you to style them your own way. So, I put together lots of looks for the Julia to give you some ideas of how to style her and what to wear her with. You can dress her up and down and take her around town.

For example, fold the bottom of a fitted Julia dress under itself a few inches for a super flirty beach look, or use a fancier Julia for a sexy date night out!

Lularoe Julia Dress

I’ll tell you a little about my figure. I’m 5’4 and busty. So I like to go with a jacket or vest most days, otherwise I’m feeling a little self-conscious. I’ve also had three kids so I have a bit of a tummy. I like to style clothes so they minimize my bust and pull in my tummy. And here is the best secret of the Julia: find the size that fits you snugly, and then you can buy that size and all the sizes above that! It’s all in how you style it. Here are my favorite summer and fall looks using three different size Julia’s! Take a look, and then scroll all the way down to find out how to enter to win a two Julia dresses and a pair of leggings (!!!) from one of my favorite LuLaRoe consultants, Rachel Marro.

Normally, I wear a small Julia dress. The one in the photo below is an XL. It was a little baggy without any accessories, but a chunky belt gave it some shape, and pulling the fabric above the belt helped with the longer length. Adding the jacket creates more of a sophisticated look and helps with covering the baggier sleeves. You can knot the sleeves as well. The hat and boots complete the fall look!

Lularoe Julia Dress

Have a summer interview? Take a solid or baseball tee style Julia and style a lace or light blouse on top. A little creative but still professional!

Lularoe Julia Dress This Julia is a size medium. If you like it a little looser, take a very thin baby hair tie and pull some fabric from the inside front of the dress. Wrap the elastic around the fabric. From the front, it will look like you created a cute knot and some ruching.

Lularoe Julia Dress

Don’t forget the classic black Julia! Dressed up with a loose scarf belt and fabulous hat and it is one on-trend look!

Lularoe Julia Dress

Like to pattern mix? Rachel and I love this outfit. Scrunch a Julia a little higher and put with a muted legging print, ankle boots and a denim vest to lighten the loud dress print. Sooo fun!!

Lularoe Julia Dress

Rachel is giving away two Julia dresses of your choice and a free pair of leggings, which is a $115 value! Amazing!! This giveaway will go until July 20! How do you enter?

This giveaway is now closed.

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  3. Make sure to jump on over to Rachel’s Facebook page and Instagram to follow her sales, special deals, and style tips!! She is a fantastic consultant, and even gives away one pair of leggings for every ten items purchased!

PS: I’m not a LuLaRoe consultant! I just love the brand!

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92 thoughts on “Secrets for Styling the LuLaRoe Julia Dress…and a Giveaway of $115 worth of LuLaLoot!

    1. That’s the best part of Lularoe-it’s made for all women to truly feel confident and comfortable!

  1. I haven’t tried LLR but I keep looking at it! Just haven’t had the money for a splurge lately. Their leggings sound ah-mazing though!

  2. I have a Julia, but I’m still a little scared to wear it as I’m not as skinny as I used to be. It is black, so I’m hoping to dress it up a bit. I’m going to pack it to take on my Honeymoon, so hopefully I’ll work up to wearing it!

  3. I love my Julia’s. I buy up a size and belt it and wear them with a denim jacket and ballet flats.

  4. I only have one Julia that I’ve worn in the “standard” way, but every time I see it styled with a vest I want to try that look.

  5. I’ve never worn the Julia, but would love to try one! I liked the way it was paired with a jean jacket and a cute and colorful belt!

  6. I haven’t gotten to try any of LLR yet because I don’t have the money yet, but I think I would absolutely love it all. I love the looks you showed us!

  7. Never tried Julia yet but I’m absolutely dying to!! If i did have one, I would love to wear it as a tunic with leggings, a cardigan, and boots for this fall!! I wanna try one soooo badly!

  8. I only own one Julia. I bought one size up and wear it as a looser dress (not snug) and as a tunic over leggings of skinny jeans.

  9. I think going for a bigger size so it’s baggy, then wearing a floppy hat and some shades, maybe ankle booties, would be so cute! Or getting a snug size and wearing a knotted tee over it! I think I’m partial to the solids over the prints

  10. I haven’t tried a Julia yet! But I love how you styled it with a belt! Way too cute!!

  11. I haven’t worn a Julia yet, but I am DYING to!! I want one I can wear with a jean vest and low top white chucks!

  12. I’ve been a little hesitant to try a Julia as well because of the mom tummy but now I’m totally inspired to go for it and style it!

  13. I haven’t tried the Julia yet, but really want to! It looks great on so many people!

  14. I haven’t tried the Julia yet, but it looks amazing. I love how versatile it is. You look great in all the different stylings!

  15. I have never tried the Julia but love the Nicole. I would love to win and try it out. Thanks for the chance!

  16. So cute! Don’t have a Julia yet but would love to try! I’m obsessed with the leggings.

  17. I love lula roe but my favorite are the leggings and maxi’s. I ordered the Julia once but it was the wrong size so I exchanged it for new leggings. Technically I haven’t tried it correctly then. At least I know what size to get now though!

  18. Love all LuLaRoe. The clothes are so comfortable, make you feel beautiful and give you confidence to wear something you might not normally wear!!!.

  19. I’m still fairly new to the brand, but I just got a chance to try on a Julia. Tho I didn’t buy it yet, I loved how it changed by putting the hair tie underneath. It sold me on the dress and definitely placed it on my wish list for next time.

  20. How have I never heard of this brand before? I must be further out of the loop than I thought. The Julia dress looks super -comfortable!

  21. As a “woman of a certain age”, I am not often tempted by styles that my daughter’s generation is wearing, but these styles are the exception. The simple, classic lines and styling options mean LLR fashion seems like a fit for women of all sizes and ages.How great!! Sarah love your suggestions – you look amazing!

    Love the blog, ladies.

  22. I like to fold the Julia under until it falls around my hips and wear it with skinny jeans and bright, colorful flats!

  23. I love mine with flip flops! And also shortening it to a shirt length paired with jeans! Only have one field now but need more!!

  24. I just heard of LuLaRoe for the first time a few months ago. I haven’t tried any of their clothes yet, but I would love to!

  25. I love my Julia with a a long vest or or a short denim vest and some chunky wedges! Super cute and comfy!

  26. I would wear it for my new job. the black dress with accessories. It would make me look pulled together without a lot of work. Chunky pearls, my dangly gold earrings, and fun boots.

  27. Never tried the Julia. Love their leggings tho!!!! Love their shirts and skirts! And, the Maxi!

  28. I have a pair of the leggings and a Cassie skirt (which I wore just yesterday!), but now I’m totally intrigued by this dress! Thank you for sharing these styling suggestions!

  29. Just got my first one and have t worn it yet! Always looking for ideas on how to spice it up!!

  30. I am a little self conscious after 3 kids so I like the Julia a little looser with a belt! It is such a classic silhouette, I love it!

  31. I haven’t tried LLR but I do love the flexibility of styling the Julia. Oh and ps. My kitty cat is named Julia! :)

  32. I haven’t tried the Julia yet. I love how you wore it oversized with a chunky belt! It was so cute! I could see myself wearing it like that!

  33. I just bought my 1st Julia over the weekend, the raccoon print! I have been afraid of trying the Julia because I don’t like the pouched tummy look. The raccoon print drew me in like a magical spell that I just couldn’t resist. It kept telling me… “buy me now, or else!” Hahaha!… I just love that print!!! I now love the other ways that the Julia can be styled. Hoping the Julia will look as awesome on me as the raccoon print is!

  34. I subscribed and have never tried the Julia. I do like the look of it belted with a sweater/jacket and boots.

  35. I love the look you have in the black Julia! I would do something similar to that- very cute! I subscribed:)

  36. I want to wear this brand of clothing all day, every day!! Earrings, boots to sandals the possibilities are endless!!

  37. Love the way that you styled the Julia especially the black one. Now I have to get a denim vest! I personally haven’t tried the Julia yet but would love to have one. I am in love with Lularoe leggings so I am curios if the material is as comfy. I don’t personally know any lularoe consultants in my area so I’m hesitant to buy something online that I have not tried on. Thanks for the post!

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